ORANGE (CBSLA) — It’s been a long week for firefighters battling the Canyon Fire 2.

There is no rest for local fire crews however — more than 300 personnel and nearly 100 fire vehicles are now on their way to Northern California to help with the wildfires there.

“Reassign. We take turns driving to the next fire,” said Tim Adams, Anaheim Fire.

There is a mutual aid agreement throughout the state of California, so firefighters say they expect this to happen during fire season. To go from one active situation to the next. They warn their families they could be gone up to three weeks at a time.

“As long as there’s a life threat, life is in jeopardy and structures are still being lost, we’ll stay out,” said Adams.

Most of the firefighters being reassigned have no idea what they’ll be facing up north. They’ve been too busy with the Canyon Fire to pay attention to what’s happening in other regions.

“When they’re out there on a fire line for 16-18-24 hours at a time, they don’t have access to media or anything like that,” said Daron Wyatt, Type 3 Incident Management Team.

They just hope that their extra resources will be able to make a difference this time. And that the favor will be returned down the line.

“They know at some point, there’s going to be someone doing it for them in their neighborhood,” said Wyatt.


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