WESTMINSTER (CBSLA.com) — Tenants say cockroaches have invaded their apartments , coming out of the walls , crevices, and outlets.
“We had nights that we would wake up with cockroaches all over us which is just disgusting,” former tenant  Hannah Singh said. “They’re getting in our clothes, coming on to our bed.”

Singh says she told management at the Springdale Apartments in Westminster of the problem back in June.  She says they sprayed, but it wasn’t enough, they’re still here.

“Management just kind of dismissed it like ‘oh we’ll fix it, it’s not that big of a deal.’ ”

Fellow tenant, Kyli Olsen says she noticed roaches right when she moved in.

“We saw five that night, none of which I killed and they’re gross and I didn’t want to touch them.”

She’s says she now spent hundreds on roach traps.

Mini Melchor moved out of the complex after her lease was up. Claiming the roaches were too much. She has a picture of the bugs in her frying pan. She says her daughter with cerebral palsy was terrified.

bugs2 Tenants Band Together After Landlord Dismisses Nasty Roach Infestation

Credit: Mini Melchor

“She’s scared.  She sees them all the time and would point to them and I would have to go after them and swat them because she can’t do anything .”

Singh says she couldn’t take the barrage of bugs and had to pay $4,000 to break her lease and says she’s lucky to get out.

“A lot of people are being held hostage in their leases because they can’t afford to get out it and they come home to cockroaches in their refrigerator.”

Westminster code enforcement says they’ve been here and told the management to fix the problem. If it’s not taken care of they could face citations and fines. CBS2 reached out to the property management and their attorney who said they don’t speak to reporters.

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  1. Have all the tenants moved to a new location with one years free rent
    at the owners expense, then burn the apartment building to the ground. That will take care of the roach infestation.

  2. Kim Harris says:

    I’m going through the same thing who can we call for HELP !!

  3. This Christmastime post completes 12 consecutive weeks of a clean apartment, accomplished once Hannah no longer had access. It’s the one Hannah previously occupied. If Hannah’s allegations were true, her former apartment could not have been clean for 12 consecutive weeks.

    These 12 weeks of videos are evidence showing why we appreciate it when residents provide timely and accurate information and cooperation: that’s the best way to address any issue and it’s consistent with the lease.

    After completing an inspection after Hannah moved out, Westminster Code Enforcement dismissed the case because they could find no problem.


  4. Judge Mathis ruled against Hannah Singh, the person who made allegations above https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-M4jjETP-4

  5. Repost of Judge Mathis ruling against Hannah Singh, the person who made the above allegations:

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