SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA)  —    A restaurant in San Bernardino held a moment of silence for the victims of Sunday’s shooting rampage in Las Vegas.

They also honored two local men- both LAPD officers —  who were heroes who saved countless numbers of people.

“It was a very scary situation but you put that aside and you go in and do what you need to do,” said Detecitve Richard Flores.

Even after hearing the barrage of gunfire at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival,  Flores and his girlfriend decided not to run away with the masses — instead, they looked for the injured and headed towards the ambulances

“We’re talking off our shirts, taking off our tank tops, ripping them up and tyingto do  tourniquets for people who were bleeding and trying to assess who needed to get transported as quickly as possible,” said Flores.

When the ambulances were overwhelmed and civilians started loading up their cars with victims, Flores said he and his girlfriend “were just lifting bodies and taking them to the trucks and putting them in trucks.”

Soon after,  Flores saw a hysterical young woman. She said her boyfriend had been taken to the hospital but she couldn’t get there because she didn’t have her phone or money to pay for the taxi ride.

“I told the driver no, you’re taking us to the hospital, I’ll pay for whatever it is we need to do.” Flores said.

The need for help seemed endless and Flores felt helpless.

“It was very surreal and then being there without any type of weapons, not knowing where it’s coming from, you really felt vulnerable.” Flores said.

This sentiment was echoed by Officer Joel Twycross:

“Just the sound of shoot, reload, shoot, reload, that’s what I remember hearing. I can’t believe this is still happening.” said Twycross.

He was also at the concert with friends. He said he tried to help people paralyzed with fear.

“We just kept moving, kept trying to take people out, grabbing people until we made it towards the back away towards Tropicana and MGM.” said Twycross.

He  still wears his concert wristbands as a reminder.

“Be ready for it and don’t forget. And it’s also a  tribute to the people who lost their lives there.” said Twycross.

Flores also has a visual reminder — a heartfelt thank you on Instagram from the family of the young woman in the taxi.

“It made me cry.” Flores said.

Both officers told Kim they wished they could have done more.  But they are grateful they made a difference in some people’s lives.