LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  —  The walls seem to be closing in on embattled Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein.

The media and film mogul of the powerful The Weinstein Company is facing sexual harassment allegations from a variety of women — from assistants to major film stars,

One day after saying she was standing by him, high-powered and feminist attorney — known for representing the alleged victims in such cases — tweeted saying she was resigning as his adviser and legal counsel.

Even President Trump weighed in.

“I’m not surprised. I’ve known Harvey a long time,” Trump said.

The president, of course, raised eyebrows that he would weigh in on such a topic after being heard on the now infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where he brags about grabging women by the genitals.

“That’s locker room,” he said.

Earlier this week, the New York Times printed a bombshell report that detailed three decades of sexual harassment reportedly committed by Weinstein.

The report said he made financial payouts to at least eight women — including actress Rose McGowan — for inappropriate behavior.  Actress Ashley Judd has previously gone on the record to say Weinstein sexually harassed her as well.

A reporter at Fox, Lauren Sivan, said a decade ago while working in New York for another company, Weinstein cornered her in a restaurant kitchen, cleared the staff out of the room, and began to expose and touch himself.

To those who wanted to know why she waited a decade to tell her story, she wrote on Twitter.

Weinstein has denied some of the allegations but has admitted to some wrongdoing. He said he was going to sue the New York Times for not giving him enough time to answer their report. The paper says they gave him two days to respond.

Weinstein is now on indefinite leave from The Weinstein Company and his future there is uncertain.


  1. So why does it take the media 3 decades to write about Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment?

    Are he and his fellow travelers entitled to a special type of rules which the media embraces?

    In 2012, did Meryl Streep refer to Weinstein as a “God”?

    Didn’t Weinstein write an op-ed defending Polanski?

    Didn’t a former Germany actress recently come forward that Polanski rapped her?

    So Meryl, are you SILENT because you are trying to perfect a new “ACCENT” regarding your praise for these sexual predators?

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