LAS VEGAS (CBSLA) — The faces of the fallen now hang in the Healing Garden, north of the Las Vegas strip. The park was a patch of dirt just days ago. Hundreds of people came together to build the garden from scratch to memorialize the victims.

The impact of what happened here almost a week ago has barely set in.

“It is very emotional. I’ve lived here since ’63 and this is my home. It’s just hard to grasp that concept that this is happening to us,” teaching assistant Sheree Salas said.

For those who helped create the space it was a powerful experience

“It’s really unfortunate under the circumstances that we’re all coming together, but it’s really nice to see everyone coming together,” one woman said.

Meanwhile, at the Iconic Welcome To Las Vegas Sign it was another very emotional scene. Hundreds came out to see the 58 crosses in the median, one to mark each victim.


As folks try to heal police continue their search for answers.  They’ve looked at Stephen Paddock’s politics, economic situation and social behavior – and there are still no answers.

Investigators combed slowly through the concert grounds, still littered with abandoned belongings. While crews continue to search for evidence, CBS News has learned the shooter who killed 58 people here may have rigged his car to explode. A law enforcement source says  Paddock left at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition and an explosive inside the vehicle.

Agents are also looking for call girls who may have spent time with Paddock shortly before the shooting.

Wherever this investigation goes the trauma of what happened is not likely to fade soon.

A Valencia man whose father was shot and killed in the Las Vegas mass shooting Sunday, who was himself shot and wounded in the same shooting, has filed a lawsuit against the gunman’s estate.

Travis Phippen, whose father John Phippen died as a result of injuries suffered in Sunday’s massacre, has filed a lawsuit against the estate of massacre gunman Stephen Paddock, a spokeswoman for the Valencia-based law firm Owen, Patterson & Owen in Valencia told The Signal Friday.


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