MONTEBELLO (CBSLA) — Dennis Guerrero thought he wasn’t going to make it back home alive. He called his wife to say goodbye.

The professional photographer was covering the Route 91 Harvest Festival and had just finished taking pictures of country music star Jason Aldean.

Guerrero just took a seat in the disabled section to enjoy the rest of show when he thought he heard gunfire.

“The lady sitting next to me on a scooter said ‘no, it’s fireworks. It’s part of the show.’ As soon as she said that ‘pow pow pow pow,'” recalled Guerrero.

Guerrero said his fight or flight kicked in and he began telling people to get down — but chaos had already taken over. He knew the disabled people he was sitting with wouldn’t stand a chance at survival if he didn’t help them.

Guerrero made it to his car in the parking lot and then froze in fear. He called his son — a Marine — to ask what he should do.

As soon as Guerrero snapped out of it , he got in the car and drove, picking up people along the way who were begging for a ride to safety.

As they were fleeing, Guerrero’s car took gunfire from the shooter.

“Could hear it hitting the car,” said Guerrero.

One managed to hit the tire but he kept on driving until he made it back to the Stratosphere Hotel.

“That’s when my tire blew out,” said Guerrero.

He and the strangers he saved barricaded themselves in his room, until they were told they could come out.

Guerrero says he might have died that night if he wasn’t so focused on saving the strangers he wanted to get to safety.


  1. Liao Timmy says:

    God Bless You Dennis. I haven’t been emotional about this shooting till I saw your interview. God Bless!

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