LAGUNA HILLS ( — An Orange County high school football team is sidelined due to a highly contagious virus they fear will spread to other players in the area.

The Laguna High School varsity team’s game was cancelled Friday night. A player told CBS2/KCAL9 he estimates 15-20 players on his team are battling hand, foot and mouth disease — a highly contagious virus spread through contact.

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“Water polo, football and basically all the sports share the same weight room,” the player said.

The fall sports teams shared the weight room this past week after the football team was exposed to the virus but before the outbreak was confirmed.

Some water polo players are worried.

“Somewhat,” said water polo player Chris Hunt. “At least in the weight room because we are in there three days a week.”

The football team found out at lunch Friday their game was cancelled.

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On the team’s Twitter account, the coach posted a letter sent to parents, including information about the virus.

It take up to six days for symptoms, including blisters and fever, to appear, he stated.

A football team source told CBS2/KCAL9 Laguna Hills was exposed to the virus a week ago in their game against Irvine.

Laguna Hills custodians are sanitizing all athletic areas and equipment.

Weight room sessions for all teams scheduled for Monday have been cancelled due to the outbreak.

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Laguna Hills football players are expected to find out Monday if their Friday game will continue as scheduled.