SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — A woman on a flight to Los Angeles International Airport was dragged off a Southwest plane Tuesday night by two police officers after claiming she was deathly allergic to two dogs on the flight.

Video shows the woman being forcibly removed by two law enforcement officers. She can be heard yelling, “Don’t touch me,” and at one point also accused the officers of ripping her pants.

The kerfuffle was preceded by the woman telling the flight crew that she had a life-threatening allergy to two dogs on the flight, one of which was a service animal, and her demand that they be removed from the flight.

When she could not provide a medical certificate stating she could travel safely, she was asked to leave.

“They spent a long time talking to the woman, explaining to her what the situation was, trying to work with her,” said Bill Dumas, who shot the cell phone video. “The pilot said they wouldn’t leave until it got resolved.”

As the officers removed the unidentified woman, Dumas said she kept saying she was just trying to get to her father’s surgery.

“If you look at the police, they were being overly aggressive. Really, she wasn’t giving them much of a choice, and the people on the plane were saying, ‘Just get off the plane,'” he said.

According to a statement issued by Southwest, “We are disheartened by the way this situation unfolded and the Customer’s removal by local law enforcement officers. We publicly offer our apologies to this Customer for her experience and we will be contacting her directly to address her concerns.”

The flight went on to LAX and arrived on schedule.

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  1. Kevin Enkell says:

    Another snowflake from the “ME” generation….

    1. Sam Wise says:

      FYI People:
      Your allergies are ultimately caused by your mercury fillings. Mercury greatly impairs immune system and neuro system. There are many symptoms. For example, if you’re sensitive to sound, even occasionally, where you may feel a pain or nausea right after sound, you’ve got mercury.
      Only use Andrew Cutler protocol to chelate (remove) mercury from your brain and body, no other protocol should be used. Your allergies will go away after 1-2 years of treatment.
      Its the only safe way to remove mercury, and it also gets rid of lead and aresenic.
      I had asthma and allergies all my life, then a crown with mercury underneath fell out of mouth. Thats when I noticed a lot of health conditions improved, so I had all mercury removed, did the Cutler protocol, and now am healthy as can be. Be sure to have all crowns removed even if just to see if mercury was underneath. Expensive but worth it.

      1. none says:

        Far easier to use the Beretta 45 caliber lead method…

      2. Your allergies could have been caused by vaccinations.

      3. MIke Pawl says:

        Shut up. It has nothing to do with mercury fillings. I have had these fillings for the past 40 years. Are you being paid by the product you are pushing??

      4. Contributory, maybe, but not necessarily causative. My wife has severe allergies, had all her mercury fillings replaced with non-metal fillings (for an unrelated issue), and her allergies are as bad as ever.

      5. Steve Hollar says:

        Interesting. I’ve always had bad allergies to cats. I have always owned cats, though, and now have five. I am no longer allergic to them. I also used to have really bad hay fever. Not anymore. What’s odd is that I have plenty of mercury fillings. I would think, in your case, you felt better after having your mercury fillings replaced because of the placebo affect. Just a thought.

      6. I have zero fillings (lucky me) but plenty of allergies & autoimmune issues (not so lucky me). Glad you have relief, but your theory has holes…just like all the other internet tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories.

    2. Rob Garland says:

      No, the snowflakes are the ones who lie about their lap dog being a “service animal” because they can’t go 5 minutes in life without their ankle-biter Pomeranian in their lap. The ADA needs to be amended so that people stop abusing the “service animal” provision. The problem is that most of the “service animals” you see are NOT true service animals for the disabled, but are in fact people’s pets that are wearing cheap imitation vests that people buy online. The ADA prohibits businesses like the airlines from asking any questions – they have to assume it’s the real deal. That law was written for blind people and people with legitimate medical conditions. Abusing a law that was intended to help the legitimately handicapped is no different than an able-bodied person parking in handicap parking spaces. It’s vile behavior and it should be stopped.

      1. Dabigragu says:

        You’re 100% correct here. This issue needs to be addressed, so many are abusing it.

      2. Mike Burns says:

        Agreed. Who wants to sit next to a person attached to a live pig,turkey,slobbering farting dog, or whatever. A lot of abuse here on this issue of fake emotional pets just to cheat the system.

      3. Jeff Lucas says:

        Absolutely. Also possible you have an example of snowflakes colliding here.

        If this were ACTUALLY a service animal, this would be a different story. And who knows, maybe in this case it was. But given the rampant abuses of the “service animal” claims, with people buying and using vests on Ebay and Amazon, it would seem more likely it was BS. Eventually one of the fake service dogs will, unfortunately, bite someone on the plane, or wherever, and that lawsuit against the airline will finally change this.

    3. Doc Mac says:

      She sounds like the type of person who would go to a dog show and expect them to remove all the dogs for her safety.

  2. Thom Wright says:

    There are people who are deathly allergic to dogs along with those who are mildly or strongly allergic. The way congress in its infinite incompetence wrote the law, pets trump allergies to those pets under ADA.

    The real villain here is the ADA or more specifically the way the ADA treats Service Animals, disallowing businesses from actually ascertaining the necessity of those animals. This issue is a direct result of the pet lobby being vastly more powerful than the pet allergy lobby.

    1. Chris Taylor says:

      I agree. And what was the other dog doing on the plane? Why does anyone have to have a pet with them at all times? On a flight, people are going to be seated anyway. If they need to get up, they can be helped by an attendant.

    2. Doc Mac says:

      Maybe just me, but I would think if you have a serious allergy to something that you mention that while booking a flight. You DON’T show-up for the flight and expect the airline to remove everyone who has something that may trigger your allergy. You don’t wait until you’ve been served a meal before asking if it contains wheat or nuts, you ask while orders are being taken. She was rude to expect two other paying passengers to be removed for her failure to reasonably plan her flight.

      1. My daughter has a severe cat allergy. I have never once thought of telling an airline about it. Now I’m wondering if a cat could sit next to her. Pets should not be allowed anywhere on the plane. Maybe the airlines should have a separate section for people with pets.

  3. This Woman brought it on herself. Southwest owes this women no apology. If she had an allergy she should have had her paperwork.

    1. Mike Burns says:

      I hope the airline pays her a handsome award in court when she sues them.

    2. BS..where’s is the paperwork for the pets? Oh, it’s not required. Our society cares more about dogs than people. Sick.

  4. Skip Sanders says:

    Service dogs are a very small part of normal life. If you are in fact “deathly allergic” to such animals, you should be prepared to personally do what is necessary to keep yourself safe. Asking a handicapped person in need of a service dog to accommodate you is very unlikely to happen. Plan accordingly…

    1. Rob Garland says:

      It probably wasn’t an actual “service animal,” but more likely someone’s pet that the owner went on ebay and bought a fake vest for. People have been abusing this law for years and growing more and more brazen over time. The word is out that the ADA forbids businesses from asking any questions about service dogs so now every Paris Hilton wanna-be out there with a chihuahua realizes they can drag their annoying dog with them into restaurants and on planes by labeling it a “service animal.” It takes a pretty vile person to take a law intended to help the genuinely disabled and abuse it to suit their whims and fancies. These are the same people that you see parked in handicapped spots without a placard in their windshield. Terrible, selfish people.

      1. Lola Green says:

        You have no way of knowing if the animal was or was not a service animal. Stop making assumptions. If this woman has deadly allergies to dogs, don’t you think that is something you would inquire about when you buy your seat. Sounds to me like she was a trouble maker and wouldn’t listen to reason. I’m sure the airline would have been happy to re-book her if it was a serious issue. Lot’s of people travel with pets (not service animals) because they are moving, going on vacation, etc. The airlines allow it because they get to charge extra. The people with the animals weren’t doing anything wrong. Perhaps the airline should have a better way of notifying passengers if there are animals booked on flights and people with real allergies can choose another flight

    2. I do not know if the person with the dogs was a truly handicapped person or not, or if the person who said she was deadly allergic to dogs really was, but do you not think a person who might expire if seated around a dog has a FAR more serious disability than a blind person or some one who gets nervous if their dog is not with them?.

      1. Doc Mac says:

        If you have a deathly allergy to something, it is your responsibility to ensure beforehand that wherever you are going does not contain your allergen. So,honestly you expect an airline to remove all passenger with dogs because of this woman? She should have mentioned it so that whichever flight she boarded was previously known to not have dogs on it. Really!?!? I suppose when she’s invited to people’s homes, rather than ask beforehand if they have dogs, she just shows-up and expects them to take the dogs to the neighbors and steam-clean the couch on-the-spot so she can take a seat.

  5. What a selfish woman – it’s HER allergy – wouldn’t you think she would prepare for such an encounter? There are medications for this. And, btw, I have never heard of someone dying from being around a dog. May sneeze like crazy, but not die. Like going on a nature hike without an eppy pen, she was irresponsible and rude as hell to the rest of the crew/passengers.

  6. “If you look at the police, they were being overly aggressive. Really, she wasn’t giving them much of a choice, and the people on the plane were saying, ‘just get off the plane,’” he said.


    1. It appears to be a misquote by CBS. It only makes sense if Mr. Dumas states that “the police [WEREN’T] being overly aggressive..”

  7. You’ll notice the reporter indicated a service animal and another dog.. A non service animal.. Most of the time dogs on flights are not service animals but revenue generators for the airline.. I fly for a living and am “not” allergic to dogs.. But the smell of dog and of dog poop and pee while flying? After paying $800 for a ticket? Leave your dog at home..

  8. John Boyle says:

    WHY does your posting only say ONE dog was a service animal how about the other dog, why was it on the plane?

    1. Rob Garland says:

      Yet the “service animal” pomeranian lap dog that isn’t really a service animal requires no paperwork at all. You do realize that most of these pets you see on planes today aren’t actual service dogs as described in the ADA, right? Their owners are just selfish jerks who are taking advantage of the language in the law that prohibits businesses asking questions or asking for paperwork. Oh, the irony.

      1. You actually do need to provide recent paperwork from a psychologist in order to bring on a service animal, and you also need to book ahead for your pet if you want to bring it on board as there is a limit to how many pets can be on a plane so the airlines will know beforehand whether there will be pets on board if you call and ask. It is $100 dollars to bring a pet on a plane unless it is a service animal, and they must always be under the seat in front of you and take the place of your carry-on so most people are paying to have their pets on the plane with them, and most carriers also don’t allow dogs in cargo anymore due to instances where pets have died because it was too cold or not properly pressurized or their crates weren’t secured properly, so there is no alternative if you want to travel with your pet ($200 round trip is a lot cheaper than paying someone to take care of them over in some cases).

  9. Dan Epright says:

    She had every opportunity to say, ok, book me on another flight. But she didn’t. She made unsupportable demands, and then resisted the police officers. Officers generally don’t use more force than is strictly required. Resist them and force gets ramped up until you comply.

    1. Dan Roth says:

      This nonsense took place in Los Angeles. That is all anyone needs to know.

  10. The dog should have been thrown off the plane…in mid flight. Big load of con c r ap is this ADA ‘service animal’ new right.

  11. Poor snowflake, no safe space on this flight. LOL

  12. ANY person flying today knows that there may be service animals on that plane. It is the responsibility of the person WITH THE MEDICAL CONDITION to communicate with the airlines regarding their “special medical needs” BEFORE they fly…and that would include requesting a seat on a flight that did not have the “problem” on board. The person with the service dog has rights also. As well, people with such a severe allergy would have displayed symptoms of this allergy long before this woman was extracted from this flight. As well, she would have found it necessary to exit the plane immediately upon seeing the dogs since the dogs would have already deposited dander on that plane. Since she was able to struggle so vehemently, All the while breathing in dander-laden air, I FIND HER BEHAVIOR TO BE PATENTLY FALSE, WITH REGARD TO HER ALLEGED ALLERGIES…..ASK ANY COMPETENT HEALTH CARE PROVIDER.

  13. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    I have a cat allergy (sneezing, itching, etc). If a cat has been in a confined room for any length of time, I know it’s been there. And this lady is “deathly allergic”? Nice try snowflake.

  14. Why didn’t she die when the police dogs sniffed her bag?

  15. Sara Rajan says:

    If you are deathly allergic to dogs, then don’t even go outside, period. There are people on planes with cat dander on their clothes, etc…then don’t fly if you can’t handle it. Service dogs are a part of life. Perhaps before booking tickets, that specific airline should have a little dog symbol to indicate their are pets on that flight, in the cabin.

  16. stpaulchuck says:

    I am tired of fake service dogs. The real ones are few and far between.Service dogs should be kenneled and put in baggage to be returned to the owner at the other end.

    1. Doc Mac says:

      I’ve been seated near service dogs and also several people with cats, never a problem. I’ve also been three times seated next to people with babies who screamed the whole flight, coughed on me, etc. All three times instead of holding the child between them they held it to my side. I’d much rather fly seated next to someone with a pet or service animal than someone with a colicky child.

  17. Rich Long says:

    This pet on airport thing is getting way out of control. I can understand a service dog, but everyone is bringing their pets. My wife is allergic to dog dander. Why should she have to bring paperwork to prove it?
    On a recent flight, a full size poodle was with a woman in the seat behind me, and during the flight was laying in the aisle, taking up the entire width. After I took a photo, the flight attendant moved her to the rear. The dog was not a service dog – it was going to a dog show.
    For those of you saying the woman should have had paperwork, why did they do away with peanuts on planes? Because some people are allergic to peanuts, and I don’ think they have paperwork to prove it.
    I’m thinking of getting a comfort snake for my next plane ride.

    1. Dabigragu says:

      You’re right. On that service snake…just make sure it’s not a flight to Hawai’i. They’re deathly afraid of snakes. You’ll lose that battle.

    2. Doc Mac says:

      What if a person is allergic to perfume or cologne? Are the airlines supposed to kick 70 people off a flight to accommodate one person with an allergy who failed to make arrangements before booking the flight? I can’t believe people expect everyone else to accommodate their special needs on-the-spot when they’ve done nothing to make prior arrangements.

    3. UTHSCSA GSA says:

      Was that poodle on a Southwest Airlines flight? Because according to their policies, they only allow dogs small enough to fit inside a carry-on sized carrier. Also, SW still serves peanuts on their flights. People forget that they have NO RIGHT to fly on a plane. SW and other airlines PLAINLY STATE in their policies that they cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment. How passengers deal with that is up to them.

  18. IF she is in fact that allergic she shouldn’t be in public at all. People with allergies should know how to protect themselves from the effects of those allergies and not expect everyone else to protect them from those effects. Carry an epee-pen if you need to. As far as ‘what was the other dog doing there’ it’s immaterial to what went on. It wasn’t reported and speculating about it is rather stupid. A ‘service dog’ was there in full compliance with FCC and Airline regulations. If you don’t like them, don’t fly. Yes she has rights, but we also have rights and her rights don’t trump the rights of someone else. Alas, this is Santa Monica so this should not be totally unexpected. This is not to say that all people in Santa Monica behave in this manner but, unfortunately, a great many do.

  19. Rob Garland says:

    The ADA needs to be amended so that people stop abusing the “service animal” provision. The problem is that most of the ones you see aren’t true service animals for the disabled, but are in fact people’s pets that are wearing cheap vests you can buy online. The ADA prohibits businesses like the airlines from asking any questions – they have to assume it’s the real deal. That law was written for blind people and people with legitimate medical conditions, not snowflakes who can’t go 5 minutes without their ankle-biter Pomeranian in their lap. Abusing a law that was intended to help the legitimately handicapped is no different than an able-bodied person parking in handicap parking spaces. It’s vile.

  20. Marco DeNola says:

    She’s the reason God invented tasers.

    1. Herb Rapoza says:

      Yeah, just tase the mutt and be done with it.

      1. Herb What did the dog do to deserve tazing??

  21. Anyone with a severe dog allergy (like my youngest son) can sympathize but typically an antihistamine takes care of the worst reactions. Perhaps the airlines could dispense some options, e.g., rapid inhaler, pseudophed, etc. Meanwhile, why must comfort animals be dogs anyway? Why are there no comfort gerbils? Also, are the emotionally-impaired not sufficiently comforted on a two-hour ride by a fidget spinner or a stiff drink? At least use a poodle mix for the dog to avoid dander.

    1. I smell a large amount of B.S. here. if she is that deathly allergic, where is her epi-pen? Where is her med card. Not buying it a minute. No matter how any of us feel about the ADA laws and service animals, she had the problem, not the two other passengers. She is saying the others are less important that here. The airline has to obey federal law, not her wishes. She is on zero legal ground here and should have been arrested for disturbing the peace and interfereing with a flight. This is not a case of too many people booked on a plane like earlier this year. She just thinks her rights supercede everyone elses.

      1. ewilliams0214 says:

        She started it – – plain and simple. SW owes her no apology. Sounds more like she had a severe dislike of dogs. There is no such thing as a life threatening allergy. If that were the case she’d have to live in a plastic bubble. She is a lying snowflake who hates dogs.

    2. Jeffrey Gee says:

      There are comfort gerbils just ask the LGBTQ community! 😉

  22. Thom Wright: What you say may be true, but if she had a serious enough allergy she would have made arrangements with the airline in advance. Moreover, in light of how many thousands of animals are carried in a given plane she should have obtained clearance from her doctor. Going into anaphalactic shock and 30,000 ft because you have an allergy and haven’t thought it through is uncool.

  23. Mike Manning says:

    The only reference to a human with an allergic reaction to dogs that caused death was an unsavory article on Gawker that I won’t link to. Suffice it to say that the reaction was not to just being AROUND the dog but being, shall we say, a bit more intimate.
    Agree that service animal laws are being abused but this woman should have just left the plane.

  24. Jeffrey Gee says:

    If she was deathly allergic, then why isn’t she dead. It sounds like she is allergic to being civil!

  25. At least she wasn’t punched in the face like the last guy dragged off the plane for some random reason.

  26. Pam Lawson says:

    Question: If the woman was able to produce printed evidence of her allergy (who carries such information) would she or the dog be required to leave?

    I fly enough to question the validity of most of the dogs I share an airplane with. The airlines are lax in verifying that the dog is indeed a service dog not a pet with a on-line purchased service vest. The next question is who has the primary right of service: The dog or the infirmed person?

    I see the woman referenced as a ‘snowflake’. How about an adult who can’t be parted from his/her dog for a few hours?

  27. She’s a dog hater and something tells me that she watched the video of the woman from Baltimore arguing with a restaurant employee about the service dog that was there. They should have led her out of the plane by her EAR!

    More liberals flaking out and making up stories for monetary gain as usual. Nothing to see here folks.

  28. Larry Smith says:

    How many times do you think the police asked her nicely to get off plane…at some point if you refuse lawful orders it is going to get physical. Then the moron fights all the way down the aisle

  29. Dana Joseph says:

    Why does it have to be a service dog to be on a plane? Is this a law? I thought that If its a small dog and can fit into a proper carry on bag, its much safer to carry on than put the poor thing in a cargo hold where it can freeze or be traumatized. Id rather fly with a dog next to me than a demented human any day.

  30. I don’t want any dogs near me at any time. In restaurants or on planes, I don’t want any animals in my presence. My rights are equal to yours, and you’re the ones bringing the animals, not me. I don’t care about your problems or your excuses. You are the disturbance, not me. And soon, everyone will have all kinds of animals aboard every flight and in every restaurant. The day is coming when there will be all kinds of comfort creatures to placate some people everywhere they go while they reduce the creature comforts of everyone else. Enjoy.

  31. David Birch says:

    It is really very simple. I need to take a flight, I call the airline and inform them I am “deathly allergic” to dogs. It is more than likely that the airline will ask me to present the appropriate paperwork, either by e-mail or on arrival at the airport.

    If I don’t want to fly in the company of an allergen, it is up to me to inform the airline.

  32. Tom Breul says:

    Service dog or deadly dog allergy…both are minority complaints that minority folks use to force the majority to make concessions. Sad fact is the majority gets the shaft while special snoflakes cry and get special treatment. Real customer service would be booting anyone whoharms the majority. So if the majority didnt mind he dogs then the gal with the allergy needs to apologize fordelaying the plan whilequickly leaving so the majority (dogs included) could continue on with theflight and their lives.

    whats next? A passenger making demands to change flight course and arrival times cuz my stuffed animal that gives me emotional support will cry if i dont feed it chicken nuggets sprinkled with glitter every three hours and i forgot to bring some…

    Sad fact.. flying is a privlage not a right. If you cant handle flying with dogs or a guy who ate a penute filled snickers then…find a way to deal, cuz that guy who ate snickers has just as much right to fly with snicker induced peanut breath as a peanut or dog allergic person. Your handycap is yours. Not mine. As a amwrican im guarentred freedom to ve me.. you as a american are NOT guarentted special privilage that limits me so you can be “normal” despite a handycap im not responsible for delivering to you.

    If i have no legs and forget a wheelchair are other passengers required to carry me to my seat, fetch my drinks and carrry me to go potty? No! So why would a dog need to leave a plane due to some gals allergy? She should apologize to the world and to anyone with a handycap cuz her behavior makes ligit claims of need for service acomidation trivialized.

  33. Sean Grebey says:

    It said one was a service animal. Not a comfort animal, but a service animal. Service animals are very limited to what they can be and have to perform a specific function. There is a huge difference legally. That said, trying to remove a service animal because you swear you have a deadly allergy is never going to happen. They shouldn’t be apologizing to her. They did nothing wrong.

  34. Paul Roberts says:

    Law suit! Was my first reaction. But as I read the Woman had no proof of her claim of being allergic. The service dog has the right to be there. Also the officers had to follow the law.

  35. When a police officer tells you to get up, you get up. When a police officer tells yo to move, you move.

  36. A really sad statement when pets take precedence over people. People will not hesitate to step over a homeless person on the street but will go out of their way to rescue a homeless animal.

  37. Nancy Pitman says:

    First of all no animals are allowed inside the cabin of a plane unless they are service dogs. But I do have to admit I have a friend who claims she has PTSD just so she can take her dog onboard with her. She has flown all her life without one until she got a dog. But on the other hand if this woman who “claims” she is allergic to dogs should have got off the flight peacefully and taken the next flight out. Or move to the back of the plane away from the animal. She was just being a pain in the butt. And to make the passengers have to wait for her temper tantrum departure is very rude. It was her decision whether to get along or be the problem. I say to Southwest, ignore her because my guess is when going into her health records she is NOT allergic. I am so tired of scammers and over temperamental travelers….

  38. Mike Mora says:

    This service animal phenomenon is just a ploy so you can bring your animal with you wherever you go. Because animals are the new children of the ever increasing population that decides to have dogs instead of children this issue will only increase over time.
    The airlines will eventually be sued by someone that goes into an allergic shock. At that point they will have to have sealed off doggy sections of every aircraft to accommodate the canine dependent crowd.
    I love dogs but enough with this treatment of them as equals of humans. They are animals.

  39. Cristu Doulo says:

    this is why I always factor in PDD (Passenger Disturbance Delay” into all my flying time…

  40. Jack Webb says:

    Look, everyone. If you choose to fly, or take a bus, or board a ship, and you have a medical condition that might be a problem for either yourself or others on the trip, find alternative ways of getting there. You cannot impose your delicate conditions on everyone else. I’m sorry, but your medical problems are yours, not ours. Everyone’s freedom should not be subject to the person whose condition is the most fragile.

  41. People are focusing on whether the dog was a service dog or not, but in fact, most airlines let you bring small pets in the cabin in a carrier that goes under the seat. It has nothing to do with whether it is a service animal or not – they charge a hefty sum for the privilege, around $150 one way last time I checked. So, regardless of how you feel about pets in the cabin, these passengers had legally purchased the right to bring their pet and the woman who made the fuss was asserting that her right to fly trumped their right to fly. Because that’s what it boils down to – the passengers with the pets would have had to disembark to accommodate that woman. Since she was the one with the problem, she should have taken a later flight. Also, if she really is “deathly allergic” to dogs, shouldn’t she have informed the airline when she booked her flight so they could work to accommodate her? And how far away from the dogs would she need to be to not have a reaction? Would a passenger covered in dog hair set her off? If she’s really that allergic, seems lots of situations could be a threat to her.

  42. I’m guessing muslim
    Their book of fairy tales tells them no dogs

  43. Dave Fay says:

    If you have life threating allergies to common everyday stuff, maybe you just need to stay home in a plastic bubble. Also, if an airline employee asks you to get off a plane, get off right then, you are not going fly on that plane and having the cops drag you off isn’t going to help your options.

  44. I can’t wait to try taking a “Service Clydesdale” on my next flight. hahaha

  45. People should know by now, that if you’re asked to leave an aircraft, you will leave whether peacefully or by force. The authorities are not going to debate the situation with you. Leave the plane, speak with them in the terminal, and then take the next available flight. You should do this even if you believe you have done nothing wrong. If you want to argue your rights while on the plane, it’s not going to end well for you.

  46. That woman is such a faker. If she was ‘deathly allergic,’ she’d have been RUNNING off that plane the moment she noticed a dog. What a liar. Too bad she wasn’t roughed up more.

  47. She acts as if she is the only one who matters. What was to be done with the dogs and their owners if Ms Snowflake got her wish? Would two other people who were already on board be forced off to accommodate this one selfish child-woman? She should have NOTIFIED the airline that she had allergies. I think the airline should just give her the middle finger and be done with her. Frankly, personally I’d rather travel with dogs or other animals than with an obnoxious “QUEEN” like her!

  48. Another Democrat pretending to be offended. Thank God Trump won.

  49. suzcorner says:

    Guess she won’t be telling THAT lie again.

  50. Our skies are going to the dogs. Came here from Drudge. Left here for for more real California news.

  51. Matt Brennan says:

    Get the dam dogs off the planes. There is no reason for them to be there. None.

  52. The airline should have checked the certification on the dogs. So damned many people are now “faking” service dog credentials so they can take dogs with them wherever they go.

  53. We like dogs better than people so this won’t fly for her.

  54. Brus Al says:

    Service dogs should be allowed only for the blind. The whole “anxiety disorder” need for a service animal is complete social BS.

  55. Check the dogs, not the passenger. I have seen the fake service animals everywhere! Any nutcase can claim they need their pitbull and some dumb doctor will sign off.

  56. Yirmin Snipe says:

    Hold the phone… They wanted her to show a medical certificate? Did they require the people with dogs to show their medical certificate? No, they didn’t they never do and I’ve seen a lot of “service” animals that aren’t anything other than pets that the owners don’t want to pay extra for which they would have to do if the animals were transported as cargo. But when it is a “service” animal the airlines don’t make you pay extra.

    I’ve seen real service animals and if you’ve been around them you know how a real trained service animal behaves. 90% of the ones I see being brought on planes today are no more a service animal than I am the Pope. If they requested a medical certificate from her then she should sue because they are discriminating against her for having a disability (the severe allergy to dogs) but didn’t require one of the doggie owners.

  57. It’s very unfortunate that SouthWest would apologize for this incident. The airline didn’t cause it…..the woman did. SouthWest is such a wonderful airline, I’m just disappointed they accepted any blame for what this woman caused. The pilot is the Captain of the Ship and can have a person removed for any cause or no cause at all. All he has to say he doesn’t want this person to fly on this flight. I don’t believe she has any allergy associated with being in the presence of canines. I don’t know what her motivation was for the incident, but she clearly had no evidence to support her claim of a medical condition. These kinds of people need to be barred from flying publicly at any time. You don’t want some wacko on a plane with you at 35,000 feet.

  58. I think the woman was wrong, but I’m sick of the ‘service’ dogs everywhere now. I know it is just a ploy by people to take their dogs everywhere with them. That is just another scam like the ‘handicap’ parking tags hanging from rear view mirrors of young people getting out cars with children with no obvious disability…see both all the time now.

  59. Medical conditions that require the airline to offer special services, a pet free flight in this case, are the responsibility of the passenger to corrdinate with the airlines ahead of time and most airlines will gladly assist. (Medical requirements and conditions are in the fine print of the ticket online.) If you have a child with a disability that needs extra in flight privileges or services or a Senior, you can not just demand those services at the gate or once on the plane – nobody can. A few airlines like Southwest and United accept both service animals and just eveyday small pets if you are moving for example in the cabin with a pre-purchased ticket for the pet. It is very expensive to fly with your pet and usually has to be booked months in advance because only 1-2 pets are allowed in cabin each flight. You must buy a pet ticket, get a special air flight vet eximantion of your pet within 5 days before flying and bring certified certificates paperwork for proof (special charge). You also must purchase an airline approved carrier -and your pet gets no seats, just is under the seat and it could easily cost $300 on the very low end in total for the pet to fly. So no, a passenger can not just show up and on the flight make demands when others have followed every rule and paid hundreds of dollars per the agreement with the airline for their dog or cat. I am partially paralyzed and need a wheel chair and have to always make advance plans. The airline would have accommodated her probably a variety of ways if she would have have told them her condition ahead of time, got the doctor paperwork needed in which they would have booked a plane where no dogs would be present (very easy to check in advance.) But the second she told the crew she was a medical risk, the FAA (the airlines would be sued for millions if something happened to the passenger in air) will not let you fly without doctor clearance. This passenger appears young so maybe this will be a grown up lesson how the real world works – take responsibility for yourself if you require more than the average Joe, and if others have followed every rule and you have not, you will suffer the consequences not someone else because you “demand so.” I am sorry if she missed something important to her, but everyone on a flight has something very important to them that took money, time, planning, child care… on the bright side maybe someone with a pet allergy now knows to check ahead of time about their flight.

  60. Wow – look at all the factions that are triggered by this story! Service-animal doubters & animal lovers, allergy doubters & allergy defenders, law enforcement haters & law enforcement defenders, ADA citers & lawyer haters, snowflake haters, Islam-suspicious people, mercury fillings, fake vests, handicap parking violators and on and on…

    We need Star Trek-style transporters so we don’t have to look at or share air with anyone else, ever.

  61. You know whose fault is this? The Airlines; for allowing the abuse of the “I need my dog excuse.” It is out of control. Waiting for the passenger who must have his pet alligator to calm his nerves. It’s turned into a SCAM. If you can’t fly w/o your dog go Greyhound.

  62. Some of these situations with the airplanes are horrible, but here the BS meter is ringing. There is no way she should reasonably have expected there not to be service animals on the flight, and she deserved to be booted for making a scene.

  63. Linda Cooke says:

    FYI for all the people that keep talking about “supposed or fake” service dogs, there is no such thing, you are confusing “Service Animals and Support Animals.” You cannot just obtain a “Service” certificate just for the asking and the vests, insignia or badges they are given can be authenticated. A dog must qualify to be a Service Animal and meet training standards as well as pass qualifying tests.

    This means they must be able to supply a SERVICE to the individual using them that aids them SIGNIFICANTLY with their disability. IE guidance for the blind, acting to alert the hearing impaired, retrieving items, opening doors, turning on lights etc for those who are mobility challenged. Or acting to alert those with serious illness to potential emergency situations like seizures or severe onset diabetic events that can result in coma and other similar situations. These are just a few there are more that while you may not be able to see the reason in action none the less exist and have nothing to do with EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. Emotional support animals should also not be confused the Service Dogs that aid people with profound cases of PTSD which have physical as well as mental manifestations and often give better results for those who cannot be treated with medication.

    So please don’t do a disservice to these animals that work hard and have gone through rigorous training; they aren’t pets they are working dogs who significantly enhance the lives of those they serve with devotion and diligence.

  64. Linda Cooke says:

    If this woman was DEATHLY ALLERGIC to dogs then anyone on that plan that owned a dog and had petted it or given it a hug that day would have been a serious threat to her, were they expected to disembark also?


  65. she wasn’t allergic,she is MUSLIM!!!!

  66. MRW says:

    She has a “deadly allergy?” She didn’t confirm when she made her flight that the flight wouldn’t have dogs on board?

  67. Cory Carney says:

    NO SUCH THING. No one has a “life threatening pet allergy.” 1- if the dog dander/hair was going to kill her in the cabin then the damage was ALREADY DONE. 2- the dander/hair was already in the cabin and could not be removed without removing everyone from the plane and removing the air from the cabin as well as hepa-vaccing the seats the pets were in/on. Sorry, crazy, you shoulda gotten off or shut up and taken it. Just because you hate dogs doesn’t mean you can act the fool and sue for the cops, passengers, airline for acting the fool.

  68. Surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Be certain that it will.

  69. Remember when animals were forbidden in the cabin? Ah, the good ‘ol days.

  70. rufusvondufus says:

    They could have shot her and carried her off! People today have no problem defying the authorities even after they have been shown to be wrong. Maybe shooting is the answer.

  71. There is such a thing as service animal fraud. Strange people are not to pet service animals, but on a train where I worked a woman from New York had a small critter in a bag and invited other passengers to pet it. She also had other complaints. Supervisory intervention saved the animal from being thrown of the rear platform, and perhaps the owner also. It also saved me from a court experience, and perhaps the fate of being confined for animal cruelty.

  72. These are dogs. They shouldn’t have to fly with this nutcase. Dogs are better than most people. Thank goodness the brat was removed forcefully. She is just looking for a payday. Good luck with that.

  73. She lied. She got caught. She got consequences. No plane should allow you to commit suicide by allergy because you tell them you have a DEADLY allergy and then refuse to provide medical proof so they can switch you to a animal-free flight for no-charge since you didn’t do what you’re supposed to do which is tell the airline upon booking. The dogs are not the problem. It’s being outraged when your poor decision of lying to federal aviation employees has consequences.