SAN PEDRO ( — A trucker and a longshoreman were caught on camera throwing punches at each other in the Port of Los Angeles.

Truck driver Moses Cordova said he got upset after waiting at the port for hours.

“I did say, ‘Hey, why is it taking so d–n long to get my canister?” he recalled.

Things got nasty when Cordova and the clerk, or person in charge, started arguing.

“As he’s coming towards me, he bumps my chest, and I push him back,” Cordova explained.

Then the clerk was caught on camera throwing two punches. Another driver, who wanted to stay anonymous, caught the act on his camera.

“I don’t think it’s right. We are all there for the same purpose – to get our job done, and we have families to support. I do wish we start treating each other with more respect,” said the witness.

The driver agreed wait times were long and claimed clerks can be short on patience.

“Thing is – we can’t say anything back because we are scared they will retaliate by getting us out of port or threaten to kick us out for life,” the witness added.

A union president told CBS2’s Crystal Cruz he was aware of the video but had no comment on the clerk.

“I called 911. I just felt like I didn’t get any justice because there was no arrest,” Cordova said.

Port police said they responded to the incident that day, but neither party wanted to file a report.

  1. solmedianet says:

    The terminal rules are specific. Truckers are not allowed outside of their trucks AT ANY TIME for their safety and the safety of others operating this equipment that kills people indiscriminately. Sadly, the poor trucker has probably been waiting for hours to get his container because the company KNOWS they can make them wait – and they will wait – for as long as it takes. This happens as a result of improper scheduling or planning of the appointments. If there were enough clerks to properly plan these movements and enough security to route the trucks to be delivered in order, and enough working cranes, they would get serviced faster but the companies won’t hire enough of either. Instead their answer is to replace manpower with a computerized automation system that does not work and creates HUGE delays. Between the aged equipment failures, the truckers trying to cut each other’s throats to get over on each other and be first because it is so competitive, the frustrations are always sky high and there is no one left to take it out on but the longshoreman, whether they are a Clerk/Checker, Security, or a Dock Safety person.
    Longshoremen are regularly left to deal face to face with an angry trucker and company supervision that demands higher production with all of these issues being discussed. In addition, not all longshoremen are going to have the patience required with a trucker like this who has obviously staged the whole thing. We know this by the sequence of events on video prior to the video that has been distributed. This particular trucker was told multiple times by the clerk to get back in his truck but wouldn’t because he still believes he is more important than all the other truckers that are also waiting, and demanding that his truck is serviced first, when the clerk has no bearing on the order of the trucks nor who is first or last in line.
    These same truckers are responsible for multiple deaths and injuries of longshoreman and each other plus damage to equipment because of their failure to obey the terminal rules, safety procedures, and guidelines due to their frustration. At one Long Beach terminal, the company has tried to quicken the trucker turnaround times by removing the catering truck they eat at from the terminal as if that’s the reason the trucks aren’t getting in and out fast enough. Talk about blame shifting! That truck was there 27 years! Not once has one of these companies ever taken responsibility for their substandard equipment, lack of planning, and general distain for their own customers that are being delivered to. One can only pray that these relationships do not get further out of hand, and that the companies start to listen, innovate, and properly man these terminals so that these customers can be happy ones and we are not having incidents like these as a result of the tension created by automated systems that do not work properly.

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