LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Digging for people buried alive continues days after Mexico City’s deadly quake, crews worked into the night at an office building in the La Roma district of the city unsure if anyone else was trapped. Earlier Friday a miracle happened when a woman’s foot was seen moving in the chunks of concrete and wood.

“Move your hand” the rescuer says… “Can you hear me. There you are.” You can hear the woman’s faint voice as the rescuer speaks to her.

The woman in the pile is a human resources worker. She was in her office when the earthquake sent her office building down on top of her on Tuesday. The man who rescued her is one of the thousands of amateur search and rescue folks who have worked day and night to save lives. He lives to hear these words.

“I’m here. Just I’m here… it’s shocking you know,” he said.

Rescue crews continue to frantically work around the clock to save survivors in the deadly Mexico earthquake. At least 293 have been confirmed dead but one amazing rescue Friday is giving hope to the country that there may be more.

Also saving lives in Mexico City, the LA County Fire Department. They’re working for US AID, for the office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance.

And while there are stories of hope in the city, there are bodies also being discovered. In the ruins of one building several bodies were found. Next door a daycare is still standing but workers wonder what could be found inside.

Even with those structures that did not collapse, there are big worries about safety. Many businesses remain closed.


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