Tensions flared at the site where the man was killed Friday.

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA.com) – The area outside a convenience store where a transient was shot and killed by a Huntington Beach police officer Friday morning became a hotbed of tension between supporters of the officer and sympathizers with the victim.

The shooting was reported around 9:40 a.m. in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven at 6012 Edinger Avenue in Huntington Beach.

Video of the incident – which was also captured on cell phone video and posted to social media – showed an officer wrestling with the suspect. The video appears to show the suspect grab an item from the officer’s belt prior to the shooting. At one point, the officer backed away and fired seven shots at the suspect, who then fell to the ground. The officer can be heard telling the suspect to “get down.”

He was taken to a hospital where he later died, police confirmed to CBS2. No officers were hurt.

“Clearly, this person attacked our police officer,” Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy told reporters Friday. “And I don’t think that there’s any way an officer’s expected not to defend themselves.”

The circumstances that led up to the shooting were unclear, along with why officers were initially called the convenience store. Police said the the involved officer had several years of experience.

A man who shot the video and didn’t want to be identified told CBS2 News the victim, “Wasn’t listening, he turned around and tried to throw a punch at the cop.”

Plywood covered a shattered storefront window a bullet from the officer’s gun penetrated. An earlier unconfirmed report that someone inside the convenience store was grazed by the bullet turned out to be erroneous.

“Cops are killing these kids because they look like they’re doing something, and they’re not doing anything,” one man said to another outside a vigil for the victim. “My son was killed by a police officer, so I know how dirty they are.”

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  1. Can’t show someone being shot!?!?! People are decapitated, shot, blown up, and ripped in half in lifelike detail all day long in video games, tv, and movies. This is actually as tame as it gets.

  2. looks like that cop murdered this young man for no good reason

  3. Daniel Luke says:

    Sick that so many think it was justified. Guess the cop will get a paid vacation for murdering a young kid. After that a promotion. We are living under fascist rule. This is what 30 years of Rush Limbaugh have done to our country. Always conservative republicans who cheerlead for this kind of murder.

  4. Ok so let me get this straight the VICTIM grabbed the officer ammunition mag. out of his belt. and the officer felt his life was in danger enough to fire his weapon 7 times might i add. I am confused was the Victim going to shoot him with his imaginary air rifle oh wait, the victim was magic and was gonna use the officers amo mag to shoot the officer with his imaginary air bazooka!!! lmmfao c’mon people your smarter than this corrupt and decaying law enforcement system of america would have you believe. that was murder plain and simple! no matter how they try and spin it. that man did not pose any imminent threat to the officer or anyone else for that matter. he had some bullets in a magazine/clip. what was he gonna do toss them at the officer and possibly poke his eye out… He Was A Victim Of yet another punk ass murdering cop who thinks that badge gives him the right to annoy molest harrass violate and even murder with no accountibility or recourse for his actions. how bad is it going to have to get before all of america stands up and says NOOOO MOREEEEEE!!!!! how many more people are going to have to die at the hands of these despicible monsters.who knows next time it could be your son ,husband ,or father.

  5. Kareem King says:

    this was really sad seems like cold blooded murder

  6. That was murder. You can say whatever you want his hands was down this cop should get life sentence.

  7. In another article, the Chief said: “…we train them to defend themselves with lethal force,” Handy said.”
    THAT is the problem! They are now TRAINED to KILL. Our police USED to stop suspects WITHOUT murdering them in most cases. They no longer value human life unless it’s their own.

  8. If that boy had been black, today all of California would be on fire. That cop is a murderous psychopath, he must be sentenced to perpetual punishment and rot in jail, a totally useless death.

  9. Aaron Dawes says:

    This cop should be jailed for murder. The Chief should be locked up for creating a culture in which this kind of thing can happen. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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