PASADENA (CBSLA) — There was something missing at Pasadena’s Apple Store for the Friday release of the iPhone 8 – a line of eager fans.

Previous releases of the iPhone attracted hundreds of Apple fans waiting in the early morning hours at several stores across Southern California.

The Apple Store has a ticketing system, but that never stopped eager iPhone fans from camping out overnight.

But on Friday morning, all was quiet on Colorado Boulevard, except for employees inside the store handing out tickets.

STORY: Apple Unveils 3 New iPhone Models

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus touts new features like wireless charging, new camera features, and a faster processor.

The lack of a line may be due to more people waiting for the November release of the iPhone X, which has a more drastic redesign.

The updated Apple Watch and Apple TV also went on sale Friday.

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  1. Jerry Stumbo says:

    I’ve got an old One Plus and it is still a great phone.. The latest One Plus 5 has a ton of features and cost only ~ $500. Even Consumers Reports rate it as an extremely good buy. It comes unlocked but it apparently isn’t compatible with Verizon nor Sprint.

  2. Carl Ball says:

    as with there i macs of the late 80’s they seem to over price everything they make. which lead them to bankruptcy and with bill gates infusion got back to #1 with the ipod. who wants to pay a thousand for a 16gb phone. if they want change and buyers put in a sd card slot! now that would be worth buying. i will happily stay with my 6 plus. it’s paid for and works great

    1. Bob Johnson says:

      “Apple sold more iPhones than ever before — 78.3 million — and snapped a three-quarter streak of iPhone unit sales declines. Analysts had expected the company to sell 78 million iPhones in the period, Apple’s biggest of the year. The results fueled its highest-quarter revenue and per-share earnings ever.”

      Apparently Apple does know better than some people…I also own their stock, it’s been doing great too.

  3. Bob Johnson says:

    WOW another story about how Apple is going to fall flat on their faces. Do you people support Hillary too? Or is it just that some people are so jealous they can’t stand anyone else’s success.

    Windows lost the battle for the hearts and minds of intelligent people, long,long ago…let it go. Remember Balmer’s rant about the iPhone…that’s the standard you need to show to get attention.

  4. Bobbie Irish says:

    Not many people I know can even afford to pay $1,000+ for a cell phone, even with the Apple name on it. Reports of problems even before launch also discouraging. Cook is cooked.

  5. This really should come as no surprise. The industry is extremely mature and Apple is just playing catch up; right down to the Samsung OLED screens.

    Also, people, for perhaps the first time; actually have to pay for these things and eyes are wide when they see the price.

    Me? We’re on Galaxy S-5’s because it’s the last model to have replaceable batteries. And they’re fine and are missing no features. They already plate charge and Apple just came out with it? Really???

    These are S-5’s I’m talking about folks. Many of us have been laughing at the Apple Fan Boys for a great many years.

  6. iratenate says:

    So, it seems Apple has finally found the price that idiots are no longer willing to line up for. Good for you, Apple.

  7. I bailed from Apple. I got tired of the new IOS versions turning 3 year old iPhones into bricks. There is no doubt in my mind that Apple intentionally forces the older models to run painfully slowly to ENCOURAGE you to buy a new model. I can understand if you play games on your phone that newer ones would need more processing power, but when all I do is telephone, calendar, banking, browsing, and taking photos and videos there is no reason my once speedy iPhone should run like a snail. I am an electronics engineer turned computer engineer of nearly 40 years, so I understand intimately how every electron flows in today’s computers. My iPhone 4 became useless in 3-4 years. I had to give it up 3 years ago. It’s funny how my son’s even older Samsung Android phone still runs quite well. notice that Apple refuses to sign old IOS versions that you iPhones were released with. Why is that? If you can manage without upgrading your iPhone or apps that work just fine I would recommend doing so and maybe your phone will be useful for a longer period. Now that Apple has removed the headphone jack and then forcing iPhone X users to have their faces scanned I am convinced I made the correct choice. I hope Apple is one day sued for these immoral, if not illegal practices.

  8. Why pay that price when China will just clone it and sell if for 39.95 two weeks later? LOL!

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