ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — When it come to adding more protective netting at Major league stadiums, fans CBS2’s Craig Hererra spoke to before the Angels game Thursday, were split.

A foul ball hit by New York Yankee Todd Frazier went down the third base line hitting a young girl Wednesday night in the Bronx.

Players were teary eyed Frazier took a knee and lowered his head.

Some Angels fans eating before the game Thursday think Major League parks need more netting to protect fans from fast flying balls.

“I’ve always thought there should be some kind of protection there,” Mike Morello said. “We have seats that are down low at Anaheim Stadium and I tell anybody who is sitting there be careful.  Especially kids. I tell anybody that I put in those seats please be cautious. Don’t take your eye off the hitter.”

“Hockey went through the same thing, unfortunately a fan was killed,” Patrick McPeak said.

The National hockey league now mandates netting above the glass behind the goals and corners of the rinks.

In 2015, Red Sox fan Stephanie Wapenski was hit by a foul ball at Fenway Park. Wapenski got more than 30 stitches on her face.

In December, 2015 Major League Baseball recommended to teams that they implement netting that shields from all line drive foul balls. All field level seats that are located between the near ends of both dugouts.

But not all fans agree nets are the answer.

“There are plenty of signs out there, you know, you’re at a baseball game and you got to pay attention. I’m not saying what happen was right, it was right was a freak accident and it’s going to continue to happen,” Sam Park said.

Angels fan Jill Petrucci-Jackson agrees:

“And I do believe the netting behind the home plate is really important because that’s usually where it goes and that comes pretty fast.”

CBSLA reached out to the Angels but has not heard back from them. The Dodgers are not issuing a statement at this time about the future of netting Dodger Stadium.


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