DUARTE (CBSLA)   —   Hurricane Maria is one of the worst storms to ever hit Puerto Rico.

The entire island is without power.

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A local woman is concerned about her mother living back on the storm-ravaged island.

Jeanette Santana hasn’t heard from her mom, Maria Montero  since Sunday.

“All I can do it pray,” she said.

Santana says her mother is a strong woman and a survivor but not hearing from her has her worried. Besides, the images of flooding has her very concerned — her mother cannot swim.

“She said she was gonna be fine and I’ve been trying to reach her with no luck, of course,” said Santana.

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The storm has ravaged the island and images of people in the water have Santana upset.

“It really made my heart drop because it’s near my moms home,” she said.

The power is out on the island. Whenever Jeanette calls her mom’s cell she’s gets a “Something went wrong. Please try again.”

“My mom’s one who she will call us and let us know she’s fine and that’s why we’re in a panic,” she said.

Nearby St Croix also took a big hit from the hurricane.

Reports said St. Croix was “completely” destroyed. Walls are torn off homes and popular tourist spots known for their beauty now ruined.

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Officials in Puerto Rico say the power could be out for a very long time — possibly months.