SIGNAL HILL ( — Clients who had their taxes done by a now defunct tax-preparation business in Signal Hill may be at risk of having their identity stolen after piles of tax forms were found abandoned in an alley.

The sensitive personal information of taxpayers were tossed out behind the office of the now out-of-business Taxco at 3214 E. Willow St.

A client said she saw a number of file cabinets filled with tax documents sitting in a trash bin for anyone to see.

The paperwork, which included clients’ names, addresses and Social Security numbers, were even seen blowing all over the streets.

A former client told CBS2’s Michele Gile that she got a call that her tax forms, along with other personal documents, were picked up.

According to the landlord’s attorney, Taxco’s owner, who is in her late 70s, was evicted earlier this month after she failed to pay rent for nine months.

The lawyer said the owner signed a letter, agreeing to “waive and release all articles or items left behind.”

She also agreed to allow the building owner to “remove and dispose” of everything inside the office.

Taxco’s owner said she pleaded with the landlord to protect the sensitive documents and asked the building owner to shred the papers because she does not have the money to do it.

Taxco was in business in Signal Hill for nearly 30 years.

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  1. I did some IT work for this office once and warned them of a potential identity theft nightmare. They had a hole drilled to the neighbors office and sharing their internet access. I shook my head and told them they NEED their own connection.

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