SAN JACINTO (CBSLA) — Enrique Carrillo says his 10-year-old poodle mix, Bobo, is starting to heal physically. But emotionally, he’s still traumatized.

“He sees dogs and he starts shaking,” Carrillo said.

Carillo and Bobo were walking in their San Jacinto neighborhood last Wednesday when two pit bulls were caught on security video charging them. Carillo says the dogs had leashes on them, but had gotten away from their owner.

“It seemed like the dogs were stronger than her, they dragged her down. they knocked her down, so she just let the dogs go,” Carrillo said.

Carillo says the pit bulls were probably 50 to 60 pounds each. When he finally wrestled Bobo away, he raced off to the vet, not saying anything to the owner of the pit bulls.

“The only thing I thought about in that moment was saving his life,” Carrillo said.

But now Carillo wants to find the owner and hold her responsible for what happened. He’s contacted animal control, but they haven’t had any luck tracking down the dogs during their patrols.

Carillo says the vet bills have been adding up. Bobo might still lose vision in one of his eyes. If the pit bull owner is found, he’s hoping she’ll help with the cost of his dog’s care.

Neighbor Annette Jones says it makes her nervous not knowing if the pit bulls are under control.

“We walk our dog periodically,” she said. “Just to know that someone would be walking their dog with that type of behavior is scary, it really is.”

Carillo agrees:

“I don’t want no one to go through this, especially in this area. There’s lots of senior citizens walking their dogs in the morning, there’s kids. This time it was Bobo, next time it could be a human being, a person, a kid.”


  1. Trash dogs. Trash owners. BSL saves lives and limbs of people and animals. I hope they find the pits and kill them and jail the owner. Unfortunately, that rarely happens nowadays. That’s why pits have got to GO from our neighborhoods.

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