EAGLE ROCK  (CBSLA.com)   —   More and more moms have come forward to talk about postpartum depression — but new research shows it’s not just moms feeling the baby blues these days.

“Yeah it’s a big adjustment for dad’s as well as  moms,” says dad Jared Hefter.

He believes plenty of dad’s suffer from postpartum depression. Lack of sleep? Feeling overwhelmed?

“It could be a combination of that and then the large responsibility of taking care of somebody besides the husband and wife,” he said.

A new study shows there’s science behind the baby blues.

“Men have about twice the risk of depression in the first  months following the birth of a child, than other times in their life span,” said Darby Saxbe, assistant professor of psychology at USC.

Saxbe was also part of the research team that found hormones are linked to the depression.

“Men who had lower testosterone also reported higher levels of depressive symptoms,” she said.

Saxbe says they studied both humans and animals for the study and found that males with lower testosterone spent more time with their children and the moms, in turn. were happier.

“I think it’s true but I don’t think it necessarily takes away from the mom having less of the postpartum depression,” said mom Rosario Hefter.

Despite the new study. dad Jay Veerathappa says there’s nothing depressing or “blue”about being a dad to his 2-year-old old twins.

“I’m not sure, I dont believe in that. Basically, I think taking care of the kids is very joyful as a job. I actually enjoy being around them it’s more  fun,” he said.


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