SANTA ANA ( — Santa Ana police are looking for two men who quickly ripped off a jewelry store during business hours.

Police say the man wearing a mask, who wasted no time smashing the glass on a front counter, also had someone working as a lookout at the business in the 400 block of E. First Street Wednesday.

Police say the lookout first appears to make sure there is no security inside the store then walks outside to watch for police. Although it took the robber a while to break through the glass, he got away with the jewelry in a few seconds. As he walked out the door, he drops some of the loot, which police later recovered.

We showed Yaritsa Bucio the video of the robbery. She was coming to shop at the nearby Food-4-Less with her two young children.

“It’s just shocking, it’s scary for the employees,” Bucio said. “I work at Costco, it’s scary if something like that were to happen. My life’s on the line but I’d rather just let him take what he needs.”

Police say the man doing the smash-and-grab appeared to have done this type of crime before.  On the video, you can’t see the face of the robber who grabbed the jewelry but you can see the face of the lookout.

If you have any information about who these men are please call Santa Ana Police.


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