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By Jane Lasky

While getting rid of unwanted debris is a must, there are certain types of waste that should never, ever be tossed down the drain. So that you don’t find out the hard way about which kinds are definitely taboo, consider the following nine materials that will most certainly clog your pipes in short order.

Kitty Litter

If you’ve ever tried to flush kitty litter in sizeable quantities, you know what happens: It doesn’t all disappear and what does, does not go far. This dandy cat poop collector does its job quite nicely while in a dry state. However, once dumped down the toilet, the materials used to make it–clay, silica, and sand–make for some impressive clogs in very short order. Not pretty.

Coffee Grinds

Even in very small quantities, coffee grinds put down your pipes get clogged as they accumulate. However surprising that these tiny particulars can wreck such havoc, that’s a fact professional plumbers have been trying to drive home for years.

Orange Peels

Many homemakers like to ditch their orange peels in the garbage disposal, but these same homemakers will be sorry for doing so. In fact, most fruit and vegetable peels, too, are best disposed of in the garbage so that you spare yourself a clogged sink.


This should be a no-brainer, but to be sure to make the point, here it is: Never fry a food and then get rid of the grease that’s left behind by putting this gooey mess down the sink. Instead, allow the grease to congeal before putting the matter into a container, which then should be put in the garbage.


Cracking a few eggs to make a delicious breakfast is a good thing. Disposing of the outer shell in the sink is not. Doing so will promise you will have to deal with a clogged sink.

Dental Floss

Sure, it’s a common misnomer that small amounts of dental floss which have been freshly used will not hurt the functionality of your mighty toilet. That doesn’t make it right. In fact, this stringy stuff will not go away when you press down on the flusher because it tends to clump upon entry. And no, dental floss is not biodegradable, either.

Small Toys

Your kids may like to play with their toys while visiting the toilet or taking a bath, but be sure these tiny objects of their affection don’t go down the drain in the process. If that happens, plan on needing some plumping help, pronto.

Paper Towels

Did you have the sudden need to use the toilet only to realize you have run out of toilet paper? Did your loved ones come to the rescue by bringing you a few paper towels to clean up with when this sad situation occurs? That’s all well and good if your behind can deal with the rougher surface, but don’t dispose of this dirty little secret the way you do with thin paper made for this purpose, or you will have a real mess on your hands – and all over the floor, too.


If you really want to avoid a hairy plumbing situation, be sure to alert everyone in your household that their spare hair has no business being discarded by way of the bathroom sink or the toilet. That’s what the trash can is for.




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