JURUPA VALLEY (CBSLA)  —    It’s not unusual for violence to break out between teams during a football game.

In the heat of battle, punches land and water bottles are thrown.  There’s often pushing and shoving.

It all happened at a youth football game recently in Jurupa Valley. But as CBS2’s Tina Patel reports — this time the fight was between parents and coaches.

It’s a story that is Only On 2.

The high school already told the youth league they don’t want any more games on their property due to the damage to the field and equipment. Moreover, at least one student was hospitalized and a parent suffered a broken eye socket.

“It was just awful. people were socking each other, choking each other,” said Marleen Smith.

She says it’s now hard to watch video of the brawl that broke out this weekend. It happened right after she’d gone home with her son.

“It’s very disappointing and I’m thankful my son didn’t get to see that,” Smith said.

But many other kids were there and many were on the sidelines when coaches and parents started going at it.

“Just disrespectful people, man. That’s it. that’s all I have to say about it,” said parent Cesar Diaz.

The president of the Jurupa Valley team doesn’t know exactly what started the fight but he said it happened after a coach from the Fontana team threw a water bottle at the ref.

Patel reached out to the Fontana team but they had no comment.

Parents told her not all the coaches seem to understand that football — especially at the young age of their kids’ — is just a game.

“I think there’s a lot of people who take it too seriously, like get out of control.  I mean there’s not a lot of parents that want to volunteer to be a coach, so that’s probably the hard part,” said parent Jose Gomez.

The league, they say, is supposed to teach the kids about sportsmanship, not combat.

“It’s not to teach them to fight with other people.” said Francisco Lopez.

The Junior All-American Football Conference is investigating. They said they will decided what happens to the coaches and teams involved.

Parents said some of the coaches need to go.

“I think they should get terminated, I don’t think that’s right,” said Smith.

“They should be thrown out of the league, there’s no need for that,” said Diaz.

The League met Wednesday evening but no official decision was made.

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  1. John Frantz says:

    Curiously, none of the people who were actually involved in the fight were interviewed. It seems like the news people wished to rinse the story as what it appears to be: a group of largely African American folks fighting. Political correctness at work.

    1. Don Stickney says:

      Reporters ‘cooking’ the news to make sure the story fits within the narrative and the agenda?! Shocking, I tell you! Shocking!

    2. Ron Wade says:

      They are mostly hispanics not blacks. Check the demographics.

  2. I knew they were mainly black before I even clicked on the link.

  3. Diversity…what a wonderful concept. As the saying goes, you can take the [blank] out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the [blank]! Just looking at the people they did interview reminded me of the people who star in Walmart people videos. White trash included!

  4. Lilith Whyte says:

    Another celebration of diversity caught on camera.

  5. get used to it boys and girls, ever watch a soccer match overseas? ever see the riots in soccer stadiums? You are busy supporting “diversity” when the sources of that diversity are not about to “melt” into our civilization, remember you whole hearted support for open borders…ask you politicians WHAT is coming across that border?

  6. Hugh Tjardon says:

    Oh, those pesky Negroes. What would we do without them?

  7. Im completely shocked they were black

  8. Dan Meyers says:

    I didn’t even have to click the link to know that the attackers would be negros. 13% of the population and 55% of the crime and problems. Facts are facts. Solution for normal white people? Stay away from them as much as you can in every aspect of life and work.

  9. Paul King says:

    You knew before you looked.

  10. This news report is 100% racist. All those rioting and fighting are owed an apology. And reparations.

  11. Jay Barbieri says:

    Wide is the way and broad is the road that leads to perdition (Hell).
    It is crushing to think so many prefer their own destruction.
    Insanity of a sort.

  12. Don Padron says:

    I’d think the kid is more scared of his moms eyebrows than the fight. But, of course, the parents that never made the cut in HS or never graduated are out there living their sports drama vicariously through their kids. . . and they hate to lose.

  13. Doug Day says:

    We are all the same, “cept for that testosterone part…

  14. Samual Colt says:

    And another sport is ruined by the black plague.

  15. Liberals promoting and glorifying diversity and multiculturalism using lawless, violent, uncontrollable 3rd World cultures, is making America a lawless, violent, uncontrollable 3rd World nation with lawless, violent, uncontrollable 3rd World behavior.

  16. Ron Wade says:

    Most of the players are Hispanic as is 84% of the population.

  17. Poppy Cronin says:

    We are becoming just another 3rd world sh1thole.

  18. Neo Kong says:

    I knew what I was going to see the moment I read the headline.

  19. Crips vs MS-13 brought to you by the Democrat party.

  20. moderncicero says:

    Must be the fault of fellows who weren’t present who happen to have very little melanin. Perhaps instead of fighting each other they can join the fascist “antifa” movement and use their skills to beat up on innocent people based on lack of melanin and wearing Trump hats?

  21. David Teglas says:

    So much for the liberal pablum about our strength is our diversity .

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