SANTA ANA ( — A woman is still holed up in an RV that belongs to a friend of hers after being in  a standoff with police since Tuesday afternoon. During the standoff the woman tossed several items on the street belonging to the RV owner.

Santa Ana police say the woman was in the hospital a few weeks back for mental health issues and stopped taking her medication.

Police say they got a call to the RV at Dyer Road and Pullman Street from passersby who spotted the woman running up and down the street naked.

When police arrived they saw her holding a knife and set up a large perimeter for hours trying to get her to come out of RV.

Police called her son to help translate for them because she speaks Farsi, but that didn’t work.

As of 10 p.m. officers have finally backed off. Police have taken down all of the yellow tape and just a few officers are on stand-by.

They say they want to take her to the hospital, not jail, to get the mental health treatment she may need.

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