LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The chants were deafening and the anxiety and uncertainty could be felt through Downtown Los Angeles Tuesday night.

About 1,000 voices came together as one, filling City Hall with passionate calls for Dreamers to be spared deportation from the only country many of them have ever known. Anna Morales was just 2 when she was brought here.

“That’s not my home. This is my home. It hurts so much,” she said.

Karla Dealva was also just 2 when her mother, who is now a legal resident, brought her here. She has a BA in marketing and owns a wedding-planning business.

“When I first heard last week that this was gonna happen, now it’s just fight, ya know, for justice and hope it all works out for the best,” she said.


Dreamer supporters started their protests and march earlier Tuesday evening at Olvera Street and it grew as it made its way to the steps of City Hall. There were also protests at UCLA from supporters calling for President Donald Trump not to punish children for the crimes of their parents. And not to punish the dreamers who came out of the shadows, only now to live in fear ICE agents will use their information against them to round them up.

“Let me have your security card back, your work permit back, your driver’s license and your and ID. Let me get all of that back, because I don’t like you anymore,” protester Vincent Ronquillo said.

Ronquillo, who came here at 7-years-old, has a CSUN double major with BAs in economics and political science and wants to be lawyer.

But those who applaud Tuesday’s announcement to rescind DACA say it’s a step in the right direction.

“We have to congratulate President Trump for realizing you can’t leave people like this in the lurch. Like it was by the previous administration, and not do anything,” said Michael Simpfenderfer of Make California Great Again. “He’s laid it out that Congress has six months. And we need Congress to do their job.”

Many people at the protest feel six months is too short a window to be able to stop looking over their shoulders. Everything was peaceful during the rally and the LAPD kept their distance.

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  1. I just love all the misplaced rage at Trump. The broken immigration system is the 40 year legacy of the neglect and misanthropy of BOTH houses of Congress with illegals stuck in the middle. Yes, it sucks to be them. Business likes the cheap, captured labor. Politicians like the demographic tilt toward voters that will reliably vote for more State support, more taxes, more services and more Government power to hand them out. All the “sympathy” and “compassion” in the world won’t solve jack. Compassion is great for identifying a problem but horrible at arriving at a solution to a complex problem. We have upwards of 12 million people here illegally that are now so embedded that its a real problem to deal with, including for them. Don’t blame Trump…Blame all the Democratic and Republican Congressmen and Senators that said nice things for the last 40 years and did worse than nothing. Obama made a quasi-legal, temporary action (it’s in the name folks “Deferred Action”) because Congress wouldn’t do anything. Now Trump has sunset the temporary action, forcing Congress to handle it or take accountability. Brilliant.

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