HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — A man with a pool net in hand showed up at Brett Henry’s front door in Huntington Beach last week. But there was a problem.

“It made it look like he was going to service my pool, but I don’t even have a pool,” he said.

That’s when one would expect the pool man to turn around and leave, but he didn’t.

Instead, the pool man took two packages from Henry’s porch, dropped them in his pool net and took off.

“The pool net was exciting because I thought may be he’s a local dude, who’s doing a pool in the area so maybe we will catch him,” Henry said.

Close-up and very clear camera shots showed the pool man was wearing a backward camouflage hat, a black and white jersey, white socks, black shoes and tattoos on his left leg.

Henry said the thief did not get away with much. “Horrible bowling shoes and a cell phone mount for a motorcycle, so nothing good,” he said.

Huntington Beach police said they were investigating two package thefts.

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