SUN VALLEY (  —  A three-vehicle crash in Sun Valley Friday sent one driver onto a lawn and two people to the hospital.

The accident followed a call about a possible shooting.

The crash happened along the 11400 block of W Saticoy Street, officials said.

KCAL 9’s Tom Wait reported from the scene where neighbors didn’t know what to make of the chaos.

Many neighbors told Wait they thought they were listening to an explosion.

Two cars were mashed up, one almost on top of the other. The two drivers in those cars were described by Wait as “innocent” in the accident.

The driver believed to have caused the crash landed in the front yard of a home, on Saticoy near Camellia.

Police said they were originally called to the scene of a possible shooting.  The white car matched the description of the car reportedly involved in the shooting and police gave chase.

*credit: CBS)

Police said after they turned on their lights and sirens, the white car took off and quickly crashed into the other two cars.

Wait talked to a woman who lived in the home where the white car eventually ended up.

“I was actually in my hallway,” said Doreen Dannelly, “and I just suddenly hears ‘bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Just lights and there was an explosion. And came out the house and saw a pile up. And then in my yard I just heard someone wailing. And I turned around and there is this guy in my yard. He was face down. I actually thought he was dead until I heard him wailing.”

Authorities said none of the injuries was serious. Two of the people were transported to the hospital in stable condition. One of those two people was the suspect, Wait reported.





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