LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Leave it to the crosstown rivals to notice a possible misspelling on a statue that’s the centerpiece of USC’s new retail and housing complex.

The new statue of Hecuba, queen of Troy, was unveiled last week at the USC Village’s grand opening to great fanfare.

But it took a UCLA student to notice something missing on an inscription on the base of the statue – it’s missing an “E” on the end of Shakespeare, to whom the inscription is attributed.

UCLA’s verified student account, The Den, took a shot at the Trojans on Twitter over the omission.

“USC. The only place in America that can unveil a statue as the centerpiece of a $700 million project and manage to misspell Shakespeare”

The misspelling has sparked some debate on Twitter, with at least one user pointing out – using Wikipedia as a source – that “Shakespear” was the popular usage in the 18th Century.


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