RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — Seventeen-year-old Makayla Gouvea says she loves to shoot and the “Ladies Night” program at Riverside Magnum Range gives her the opportunity to do it for free.

“The world is crazy and I think it’s something everyone should understand and know how to,” Gouvea said.

Joy Atterholt says she feels more comfortable shooting when other females are around.

“I’m more relaxed when I’m using my firearms and not worried if I’m going to be judged as much,” Atterholt said.

Magnum owner Peter Lee started “Ladies Night” a few years ago, waiving the $15 range fee for any woman who wants to practice shooting. He says he hopes it’ll cut down on accidental shooting deaths.

“If the woman come here, they might know more chance to handle the gun safely,” Lee said.

However, it’s last call for “Ladies Night, at least for now, after Lee got a letter from an Orange County man threatening legal action. The man is upset since he had to pay while attending a “Ladies Night” and says he deserves compensation claiming the program is discrimination.

The letter reads in part:

“Promotions such as those mentioned above constitute civil rights violations under the California Unruh Civil Rights Act and entitle the individual subject to discrimination to statutory damages.”

Men had been able to come to “Ladies Night” but had to pay.

Dee Delgado says she doesn’t understand why that would upset anyone.

“A man should not feel discriminated against a woman learning how to defend herself,’ she said.

Gouvea says she wishes the man would have a change of heart.

“He could come pay for it, I don’t understand why he would cut off other people.”

Gouvea’s dad is also upset.

“Maybe this guy doesn’t have a mother or sister or a daughter, I don’t know. Jason Gouvea said.

Lee’s lawyer advised him to stop “Ladies Night,” but Lee said he is willing to go to court to fight for it.


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  1. maybe rolando is a communist democrat and thinks this is his way to undermine gun ownership?

  2. Mike Suttles says:

    I would surmise pajama boy is interested in nothing more than monetary compensation. S/he could care less about “equal rights”.

  3. His name is Gregory Edward Rolando the owner of Coastline Building Maintenance.
    Gregory has a history of filing these extortion style lawsuits. It appears he has three cases filed in San Diego Courts against Mira Mesa Bowl, TOTAL WOMAN FRANCHISING INC and CAL A VIE HEALTH SPA .
    And there’s this one in Los Angeles: https://unicourt.com/case/ca-la1-rolando-gregory-vs-olympic-spa-inc-1367600

  4. Steek Mon says:

    This guy needs to stand at the other end of the range. What a piece of human excrement.

  5. Jon Weiss says:

    I am a man, and I have no problem with a range offering “Ladies Night”, but perhaps what the range owner needs to do is put signs up in the range area stating that “Ladies Night will be discontinued due to the threat of legal action from…(Post complainers name), and post copies of the letter from the whiner.

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