LAGUNA BEACH (  —   A Los Angeles man says he was punched in an unprovoked attack, all because he is a supporter of President Donald Trump.

RC Maxwell of Los Angeles spoke to CBS 2’s Michele Gile about the attack.

The attack occurred during Sunday night’s rally at Main Beach in Laguna Beach and was captured on cellphone video.

Laguna Beach police say Richard Losey, a man from Ohio they were familiar with, has been arrested for throwing the sucker punch.

“They were calling me a sellout,” said Maxwell. “They were saying I was a Nazi. I  said sternly that I was not a Nazi. I tried to explain my kind of standpoint, epistemology as a black conservative.”

Gile says Maxwell works on conservative political campaigns and says he went to Laguna Beach to try to engage the other side.

Maxwell said he support Trump’s immigration platform.

The alleged victim was traveling with his own camera crew and captured many of the heated moments when both sides clashed.

His attempts to talk to and engage the other side were in vain, he says. He said three people physically attacked him.

“Someone tugged at my Make America Great Again hat while someone else came in with pepper spray, and the I was tackled from behind and then choked before my camera crew fended me off,” said Maxwell.

Losey is accused of assaulting Maxwell and threatening to kill him.

The incident left Maxwell sore, but he says more determined to work on causes near and dear to Trump.

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