LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — When it comes to online dating success, getting your credit score out there might make all the difference.

“I see the benefit but it’s a little creepy,” Khaled Tabbara said.

The three important numbers tied to our money choices are often dictating our romances, that’s what’s suggested in a new survey from Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group — Tinder’s parent company.

Results found that financial responsibility might even be a more important “match quality” than sense of humor, attractiveness, ambition, courage and modesty. And for the majority of people surveyed, a good credit score is more appealing than a fancy car.

CBS2’s Jennifer Kastner got reaction from some L.A. daters.

“Personally I would not want to be with somebody with a delinquent or a bad credit score, personally, but again that doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or anything like that,” Will Manelos said.

“I think that’s very strange. I think that you have to meet a person first see how you get to know each other. If you guys like each other, then that topic comes up?” Camille Itzhaki wondered.

Los Angeles dating coach Jerod Zavistoski, of Modern Male Inc.,  says modern daters have a right to be selective but he says credit doesn’t tell the whole story and it doesn’t need to be shared right away.

“Now the dating pool’s huge and there’s a lot more options,” Zavistoski said. “It’s almost offensive to think that someone would penetrate and probe into your personal life that deeply and go ‘no! you’ve made mistakes in the past and I won’t date you, okay? This is a no mistake zone.’ Everybody’s made mistakes.”

Out of all the people surveyed, only 7 percent said they would share credit information before meeting in-person. Most people said it would be sometime within the first six months before they’d want to talk about those details.


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