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If you’re looking to put your house on the market, making updates before listing it can attract more buyers and help you get the price you are seeking. What about windows? Should you install new windows before you put your house up for sale? The short answer: It certainly can’t hurt. Check out these considerations below when making your decision.
Conventional Window Replacement Reasons Apply
The same reasons windows may need to be replaced still apply when deciding whether to replace them when selling your home. Are they warped, damaged or broken? Do they open and close properly, or do they “stick” when sliding? Can you see visible signs of wear and damage like cracked or chipped window frames, broken panes or faulty or missing locks? Can you feel a draft around the windows? Can you hear lots of outside noise when standing or sitting near the window? And finally, do old, outdated windows detract from your home’s curb appeal?

If your windows are showing any of these concerns which are generally valid indicators the windows may need to be replaced, then you should most likely go ahead and replace them. In today’s buyer’s market, any outdated or malfunctioning item in your home can potentially scare off buyers and send them on a search for a more updated, problem-free home. Seeing damaged or old, neglected window frames and panes gives buyers one big reason to cross your home off their purchase list. Conversely, seeing updated windows should be a strong selling point.

Energy Efficiency Offers Lower Energy Bills
Not only will new windows increase your home’s curb appeal, but today’s energy-conscious buyers will also realize that newly-installed windows will enhance energy efficiency. This will ultimately have a positive impact in cost-savings on your home’s monthly energy bills. Do some research or ask your window installer or salesperson for a list of the energy-savings features your new windows offer and be sure to pass this information along on a fact sheet about your home when you or your realtor hosts an open house. Most buyers appreciate seeing a list of updated features in a home they are considering. New, energy-saving windows should be a big plus.

New Windows and a Return on Investment
While it’s hard to quantify exactly how much new windows will increase your home’s value, making this kind of major update will certainly feed into the overall return on investment you hope to gain from making pre-sale home updates. Will you be able to match your window expenditure dollar-for-dollar to a higher asking price? It’s hard to say. ISoldMyHouse.com reports a $10,000 investment in vinyl replacement windows should allow you to up the asking price by $8,500, which translates to an 85 percent return on investment. However, there are no guarantees this one feature will sway a buyer either way.

Ultimately, bear in mind poorly-insulated windows, malfunctioning windows that are visibly in a state of disrepair may cause potential buyers to turn and walk away—particularly if they view them as a costly, inconvenient item they will have to deal with once they move in. On the other hand, buyers who are looking for a “fixer upper” who want to inject their own style into your home may want to pick out windows they like. Overall, though, if your pre-sale renovation budget allows for it, brand new energy-efficient windows will most likely be a selling point, if your house checks off all or most of the boxes on a potential buyer’s wishlist.

by Lori Melton

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