PLAYA DEL REY ( — Locals in Playa Del Rey have sent a letter to city leaders demanding road diets in the area be reversed.

“Turn it back! Return us and give us back our lanes.”

That’s the jist of the letter that has been sent to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and councilman Mike Bonin who represents Playa Del Rey. David Voss is one of the founders of the neighborhood council. The group has voted to include two streets in the letter.

 “Culver Boulevard. Jefferson Boulevard. All passing through lower Playa Del Rey and the wetlands.”

The letter demands the roads return to the way they were, before car lanes were reduced and bike lanes were added as part of a pilot safety project.

 Roll is back and roll it back right now.”

This cyclist agrees:

 “We already have a bike lane down by the beach and we have the Ballona Creek bike path. To all the cyclists, use those.”

What’s not included in the letter is on Pershing Drive where there’s a bike lane and a single lane going southbound toward LAX.

“We’re focused on the ones that were the most egregious,”  Voss said.

But a family who’s owned a gas station on Pershing drive says:

“I was just disappointed that the one stretch that really affects me is just being tossed out, like it doesn’t matter,” Ray Hashemi said.

Hashemi  says since the changes were made on Pershing his sales are down.

“I’m on par to lose $60,000 in revenue. That’s $60,000 I need to pay rent, my employees.”

If the gas station fails to meet minimum sales required by Mobil he could lose his franchise.

Hashemi says he’s for a compromise that’s good for businesses  and safe for bicyclists.

“Let’s improve it. You know. Let’s put in speed bumps.”

Some locals have been invited to be part what’s called the “safer streets for Playa Del Rey Task Force” put together by councilman Bonin. The group’s first meeting is Monday.


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