LAGUNA BEACH ( — A planned alt-right rally against illegal immigration is causing friction.

The America First Rally is set for this Sunday evening on Main Beach in Laguna.

Emotions are still raw after the violent clashes at a rally of white nationalists in Virginia last weekend. Locals wonder if any kind of rally related to Trump is a good idea.

“I can see there being a pretty big community backlash in Laguna Beach specifically,” said Thomas Cota, who works in Laguna.

“I think it’s a terrible idea,” said Tustin resident Sara McKay.

On Tuesday lawmakers in Northern California called for the National Park Service to rescind a permit issued for a pro-Trump rally scheduled for next week.

Police said it could easily turn violent. Just like it did when pro-Trump supporters clashed with protesters in Huntington Beach last spring. That’s why Laguna Beach officers will keep a close eye on the rally and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is prepared to help if things get ugly.

“I don’t think anyone should attend,” said Huntington Beach resident Joel Chang. “I don’t know why this is happening.”

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  1. Jeff Mayland says:

    That title is click bait and problematic. It says “Alt-right” as in the same nut-job white supremacists from the other side of the country. The last rally in Laguna by these unorganized people was stating their opinion that immigrants should come here legally. Their signs showed photos of people killed by illegal aliens. Shame on CBSLosAngeles for trying to make it worse then it is, which could bring people that are misinformed to protest and therefore cause more problems. Also the Facebook title is “America First!” which is not the same as the crazy Nazi group “American First Committee”.

    1. Shame on America First.
      They’re a racist, white supremacist group.
      I doubt any of them live in Laguna!
      Stay away, fascists.

      1. Hire the Homeless and the Poor.
        Say NO! to iIlegal Aliens.
        Is what I say. As you can see I am a racist white supremacist, by the standards of todays Democratic party, and the Federal government, since Obama.

        I believe you Democrats say “Hire the immigrants first including illegals, then maybe hire the Homeless and Poor who are not White!”

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