RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — Gavin Bryant says his house looks so much better than it did after he shot video of it after Sunday’s fire.

CAL FIRE made a series of retardant drops during an aggressive firefight in Moreno Valley Sunday saving several homes in the Box Springs Mountain area where more than 1000 acres burned.

“The coating was so thick – you couldn’t see through the window,” Gavin Bryant said. “It looked kind of like goo.  You know like slime.  Like it came from Scooby Doo or something like that.”

But neighbors here aren’t complaining.  Fire crews saved their homes.  Then, surprising everyone, they came back and washed backyards and driveways. In all, they helped to clean up at least 20 homes.

  • If your home was affected by fire retardant please call CAL FIRE at (951) 436-4142

Leo Blanco hosed down his driveway Monday evening – after he says firefighters tried to wash away the retardant twice.

“They sprayed it a second time but they couldn’t get it off.  It’s too pink.”  Blanco said.

He plans to file a claim with his insurance — which CAL FIRE says it’s happy to help by providing documents.

For the Bryant family there are remnants of retardant here and there but the important thing is — their house is okay. They believe firefighters went above the call of duty.

“I thought we were going to have to do this ourselves,” Aaron Bryant said. “I know firefighting. That’s their job. But cleaning the driveway and everything? I didn’t think that’s something they’re going to do.”


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