GRANADA HILLS ( — A small bear was spotted hanging out in Granada Hills Friday, the third day in a row it has been seen in the neighborhood, and the second such bear encounter in Southern California in two days.

The overnight sighting was the second bear incident in two days. On Thursday, more than 50 miles away, another much larger bear chased a woman and her dog, then fell asleep in a tree at the Metrolink station in Pomona.

Police say the Granada Hills bear has not been aggressive at all – he was spotted strolling on the sidewalk along homes, where officers gently nudged it into the forest areas above Granada Hills.

(credit: CBS)

It previously was captured on a home security camera, cooling off in a pool.

The bear has apparently visited the neighborhood three nights this week.

It was a different story in Pomona, where a much larger bear wandered about Pomona, eventually being captured as far as 10 miles south of the Angeles National Forest.

After it was blocked by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy from chasing after a woman walking her dog near a mobile home park, it was found napping in a tree near the Metrolink station. It was tranquilized and taken back to the forest.