CALABASAS ( — In the GoPro video motorcyclist Matthew Murray drives through the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas, then veers towards a gravel turn out and flies off.

There’s almost a minute and half of silence before he makes a noise.

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“It processed immediately in my head that you’re gonna die,” Murray said.

Where Murray landed, there’s little luck of getting anyone’s attentions but he tried.

“I tried to walk to my motorcycle to get to my phone and call 911 but I couldn’t walk down hill so I just turned around and halfway up the hill I went into shock.”

Murray, 27, climbed up the hill and when he got to the side of the road he flagged down a driver and called 911.

Murray gave us the video he says an officer shot of the scene.

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“There’s your bike and that’s where you landed, 250 feet down there,” the CHP officer said. “The last guy I saw come out of here was in a basket in a helicopter ride.”

Murray is laid up for the next couple of months with a list of broken bones and a fighter’s mentality.

“They just said people have a fight or flight, or whatever it is, and I just decided to fight,” Murray said. “Honestly my legs were done so I just kind of crawled up and once I made it to the top I just collapsed.”

Murray thinks the bike’s steering locked up and caused him to lose control.

“I love taking corners and I was only doing 40 mph and I went to lean into this turn and this bike would not let lean.”

After six years on a bike Murray has given up riding for good and wishes he never took a spin up the mountain.

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