COSTA MESA ( — A similar amusement ride that killed a man in Ohio last month was back in business Wednesday at the Orange County Fair.

As soon as the G Force ride reopened in Costa Mesa, people lined up to hop on.

“I had to look at the ride myself and see if it was kind of like old, or if it’s rebuilt — a new model. I saw that it was screwed on tight,” said Janie Garcia before she went for a ride.

She said she did that because of the accident at the Ohio State Fair. One section of seats on a similar ride called the Fire Ball detached. One person was killed. Inspectors said corrosion caused the ride to come apart.

Every ride at the OC Fair is looked at by several inspectors before it’s even assembled.

“As they’re set up we look at every part on the ride: bolts, nuts, metal, everything,” said inspector Barry Schaible.

There are also random inspections and extra ones including Wednesday.

For this inspection, inspectors made sure that all the bolts on the actual seats were working and gave the OK this morning.

“Safe to ride. I’d put my grandbabies on right now if I had them here,” said Schaible.

Riders interviewed said they weren’t nervous.

“I’ve been on it before. Last OC Fair. So I wasn’t that scared. I knew what to expect,” said Noe.

“I’ve been on this ride before and it was really fun last time,” said Valentina.

“I was excited because I’ve been on it before. And I love getting on that ride,” said Charles.

Garcia said while she was nervous before getting on she did and gave the ride a 10 out of 10.

“I thought I was going to get sick, but it wasn’t that bad after all,” Garcia said.

Most people said they will likely go for another spin.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” said Charles. “It’s great.”


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