STUDIO CITY ( — Residents in Studio City are getting ready to voice their opposition to a three-story parking garage being planned by an elite private school.

Harvard-Westlake is planning to build a three-story, 750-car parking structure with a practice field on the roof that would connect to the campus via a 163-foot-long bridge over Coldwater Canyon Boulevard.

The school is planning to build the structure on its own land that’s currently vacant, west of Coldwater Canyon and south of Ventura Boulevard.

School officials say the structure is needed to improve its parking situation and student safety, and that the plans are not an indication they plan to add to its enrollment.

But a group called Save Coldwater Canyon, which was formed in response to the plan, says the plan would mean potential construction hazards for the next two years, increased traffic, and damaging the natural habitat in the area.

The group also says the structure would hurt property values, but the school has countered that the parking structure would actually improve traffic flow because the plan includes new lanes on Coldwater Canyon.

A planning commission meeting will address Harvard-Westlake’s parking structure plans at Van Nuys City Hall Tuesday morning – a meeting that is expected to be packed with the school’s neighbors.

  1. Edward Lozzi says:

    Say goodbye to your Real Estate values folks….a THREE year nightmare of a religious private school Harvard Westlake,moving 1/2 of an entire hill of nature protected land and thousand of dump trunk trips on Coldwater Canyoyn- closing Coldwater for weeks at a time and jamming all the other canyons not to mention bumper to bumper on Mulholland. Independent studies show that the parking is not needed.. It a vanity project for Harvard Westlake Alumni and a pet project for Councilman Krikorian and Alumni of the school Mayor Eric Garcetti. Law suits galore and our taxes will be paying for the Councils legal fees. City Council ! Stop this Outrage.