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By Jane Lasky

To celebrate the release of the eco-concious 2017 CT6 Plug-In, Cadillac embarked on a 31-mile drive through Silicon Beach which highlighted some of the most environmentally friendly locations in the Golden State. Check out the video above and be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for part two of the journey.

If you’ve ever driven a plug-in hybrid vehicle in car-crazy Los Angeles, you know that the sound of silence means noise pollution is relegated to other people movers that use only fuel in order to get around. But that’s only one of many reasons for Angelenos to make the switch to a greener practice when it comes to getting from point A to point B in our own particular urban sprawl.

Plug-In For A Greener Ride

“The state of California has the highest ratio of car ownership in the world, while the transportation industry contributes more than 40% of statewide greenhouse gas emissions,” according to SoCal EV. Plug-in hybrids do not emit tailpipe pollution when driving on electricity, a terrific advantage to the environment. Plug-in hybrids have also been found to lower emissions from smog and greenhouse gases. In fact, anyone who drives this kind of vehicle in and around the City of Angels can be proud to know that he or she is producing a lot less global warming pollution than gas-only counterparts.

Smooth Ride 

Consider that your ride around the City of Angels is bound to be sound in a plug-in hybrid, drivers often experience a huge improvement from the ride offered by a vehicle that depends solely on petroleum to make the grade.

Plug-in hybrids also afford you the ability to accelerate with the benefit of an immediate reaction. Because of a more robust rotational force, onward power is immediately experienced as the wheels of your car begin to roll. There is no longer any need to anticipate chugging before movement starts, as you likely remember when taking the family station wagon or the company SUV out on the road.

Roll Right Past The Gas Station

Another virtuous aspect of these road-worthy machines, especially those driven around LA, is the fact that you will have little to no need to panic if a gas station isn’t convenient at all times. Rather, a recharging at-home base will set you up for the short or the long road ahead. Simply plug in from your garage or driveway the night before your trip and you’ll be good to go come morning.

That said, charging your vehicle can be a challenge if you don’t own your own Los Angeles home. However, for those locals who reside in an apartment or condo, new ways to keep plug-in hybrids running are being conveniently added to the Southern California rosters (see maps of charging sites in your area here).

Money Saver

Another up side for the person who owns a plug in hybrid is the price factor since electricity remains relatively inexpensive in comparison with gasoline prices. In fact, SoCal EV estimates that, “Charging at $0.10 a kWh is like spending a $1/gallon on gasoline.” Plug-in hybrid drivers can even take advantage of tax breaks, rebates and other monetary incentives for their chosen mode of transportation. Check out this savings calculator to discover how much “green” you could be saving!


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