SANTA MONICA ( — Main Street in Santa Monica is known for its upscale shops, restaurants and bars.

On Friday night the neighborhood witnessed a very different scene — a gunfight.

“I hear bang, bang, bang,” said Robin Blatt, who was working inside a salon when she saw a man get shot to death at the corner of Strand and Main Streets.

Lerato Bambo was taking a break from work when she witnessed the deadly confrontation.

She said she heard two men arguing in front of a woman before bullets flew.

“And then all of a sudden people were screaming and running.  And this lady was screaming for help and a man was lying on the ground,” said Bambo.

After that the shooter started walking up the street – with the gun in his hand.

Minutes later police found the gunman three blocks away near Hotchkiss Park.

Officers said the man reached for his gun – and fired at them.

So they shot back.

Lucas Yancey – who was on the TV show “The Bachelorette” – recorded video of the chaotic aftermath of the gunfight.

“We heard this pop, pop, pop. Right outside my place. My apartment,” said Yancey. “And l look down and this guy is on the ground and he’s gushing in blood.”

No officers were injured.

The investigation went late into the night, causing several streets to be closed off.

The gunman was taken to a hospital for his gunshot wounds.

Blatt said she won’t forget the look on his face as he walked away from the first shooting.

“He was on a mission,” she said. “He was on a mission to kill there and he was on another mission. And that was scary.”

Witnesses believe that the two men involved in the first shooting were homeless. Police said that the shooter who was injured by their officers was booked for murder as well as felony possession of a firearm. He is expected in court on Tuesday.


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