After an 18-year-old was driving with her little sister and another teenager when she lost control, she continued to live stream it. The other teen was thrown from the car while her sister died. Here’s what we can take away from it.

  1. Number one, teens’ addiction to social media is real wake up call to all of us — live-streaming is the new drunk driving. I kept thinking ‘what if that was my kid in the backseat. Showing teens this video and talking about how horrific it is might be the only way to drive the message home — like organizations who go to schools with victims and cars from drunk driving accidents to give kids visual reference.
  2.  Sixty percent of teen crashes are caused by distracted driving. The number one cause is other passengers in the car. Teens socialize with each other through phones by texting, messaging, live-streaming. The National Safety Council says that 2016 may have been the deadliest year on the roads since 2007.
  3.  For us parents, we need to set examples of how dangerous it is starting when kids are young. There are Apps to block teen phone use when a car is moving, Apple will soon block texts while driving with “do not disturb.” It’s our responsibility to show that using phone while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

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  1. While I agree with Fab Mom that the issue of using social media is very possibly the next drunk driving, using this particular case in Merced was flawed. Yes, the driver of this car WAS livestreaming when she lost control of her car, this was not the only issue she was having. She had a blood alcohol level of 0.10 – so she was LEGALLY drunk. The problem was not only social media and other teens in the car as Ms. Simonian led her viewers to believe – this time – alcohol was an issue as well.

  2. Robyn Moore says:

    I agree there were multiple causes for this tragedy. However even one of those causes could have caused the same result IMHO To Fab mom drunk driving is a crime , a crime known to cause serious injury and many times death. These are not “accidents” , they are results caused by the choice to commit a crime. Call it a crash , an incident , a wreck , but it’s certainly never an “accident”.