HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — An ugly argument with a dog walker and a food vendor ended with a man’s temper boiling over and the man’s business in disarray  — and it was caught on tape.  In the meantime the vendor has  gotten an outpouring of support from people all over the world since the video went viral.

On Tuesday night a huge crowd came out to support the vendor where he works at a Hollywood street corner.

A man walking his dog did not want to go around a food cart and got into a spat with the vendor.

In the video, the street vendor tells the man with the dog to pass – in Spanish.

The man says to the vendor  “Are you going to move the cart? Or I will.”

Police identified the man as Carlos Hakas and say he may be facing a vandalism charge.

Seconds later the Hakas is seen handing the dog’s leash to the woman with him and then he turns the cart over on its side.

The vendor then squirts chile sauce in Hakas’ direction.

Meanwhile, Hakas says he has endured relentless trolling online since the video surfaced.

Benjamin Ramirez shot the video as he was selling iced natural fruit drinks and corn from his cart.  Ramirez says he started recording because Hakas had something in his hand. He thought it was a blade or something that could hurt him. After Hakas pushed the cart over he started yelling insults. Ramirez ignored the man and neighbors called the police. Ramirez says to his surprise, Hakas stayed until police showed up. Hakas told police Ramirez provoked the situation but the video shows otherwise. Ramirez says he wants to press charges.

The father of the vendor says Hakas could have handled this very differently.

“I would say to him why would you do such a thing because what he did was not right. It would have been better if he had just called the police to say don’t sell there.”

Several GoFundMe pages have been set to help Ramirez.


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  1. the author missed a lot of details from the video. for one thing, the guy approaching the vendor was also threatening him with a taser. Then the vendor threw ground chili pepper at the guy and got it in his eyes, and all this was before he toppled the cart. you don’t see the pepper being thrown in the video so it’s easy to miss, but you can see it in his hands and hear him throw it just before the camera pans down and he runs back away from the cart, then the other guy topples it.

  2. I guess it is ok to block the sidewalk in LA? Does the street vendor even have a business license? Is the street vendor even paying taxes on his sales?

  3. Roger Davis says:

    Carlos A Hakas is his name

  4. No charge for brandishing a freaking Taser?!

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