SOUTH LA ( — A water main ruptured in South Los Angeles causing massive street flooding and the asphalt to buckle.

The 24-inch water main break ruptured at Manchester and Hoover avenues just after 4 a.m. Sunday.

Crews have been able to shut off the smaller pipes adjacent to the water main break, but need heavier equipment to shut off the 24-inch pipe.

The break had caused the asphalt to buckle, reported Joy Benedict of CBS2. Crews on scene were re-directing drivers.

“I was coming to the gas station and ran into this,” said one motorist. “Crazy!”

“It’s horrible. Look at it,” said another. “It looks like you can go swimming in that! I see a man just walking with his shoes and his socks.”

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  1. I wish the map of watermains and water main break history was available to identify vulnerable areas before it breaks this bad! There is a solution for this by Waterlix. Check out the WL-Ray solution in

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