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By Jane Lasky

Whether you’ve decided to sell your home or you simply want to make your abode more valuable, installing new windows and doors prove to be worthwhile investments for a number of very valid reasons. From offering a more aesthetically impressive presence to making a move toward creating a more ecologically acceptable footprint, changing out the old for the new will definitely make a difference. 

Curb Appeal 

Who doesn’t like compliments? Creating ways in which to raise your home’s appeal upon first impression will definitely do a lot toward making that happen. 

Start with the front door, the focal point of most family residences. There is no doubt that your home will grab more interest from potential buyers and will give you more equity even if you aren’t ready to move on if you decide to replace this mainstay. Steel-enforced doors are often the best answer. They not only offer a profitable upgrade, but also offer a way to keep the place where you live both safe and sound. Don’t forget about sliding patio doors—new glass doors can really open up your home and provide a beautiful view into your backyard. 

Valuable Investments

Outmoded windows in your home are another concern if you’re aiming to make a valuable investment that pays off in the long run. Indeed, if your windows are stuck shut or don’t stay open, if they are in disrepair due to discoloration or broken seals, or if the panes that are cracked, you should do all you can to work your budget to replace them. 

The same is true for windows made of single pane aluminum. These kinds of windows are ripe for double pane substitutions that will not only freshen your home with a cleaner, updated look, but will also offer a more energy efficient alternative as well. 

Think Green

Energy efficient upgrades are a no-brainer in today’s real estate market. To be sure, new window replacements that come with the benefit of the most current technology offer distinctive ways in which to lower both heating and cooling costs now and throughout the years to come—a comforting thought in more ways than one.

Beyond that, green energy upgrades are currently rewarded with green energy federal tax credits equal to the lesser of $200 or 10 percent of total project cost, excluding installation, according to Brian Martucci writing for Money Crashers.

Other potential rebates for those home owners who switch out old windows for new, Energy Star-rated windows can be found through state programs and also through certain programs run by local utility companies. 

Value For Money

All of these points offer good arguments for replacing windows and doors in your home in order to boost home value and resale potential. Not only that, but any improvement to these essential home accoutrements assist by cutting back on maintenance costs. Now who can possibly argue with that? 


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