PERRIS ( — When a brushfire broke out behind Jim Grable’s home Tuesday, his family did what they could to protect their property.

But no one was home next door to try to protect two greenhouses and the hundreds of marijuana plants that appear to be in them. Firefighters now have 80 percent containment on the 72-acre brush fire which broke out around 3:30 p.m. in the 1700 block of McPherson Road.

“Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all,” Grable said.

Grable wasn’t sad to see the damage, because he says he didn’t like living next to the apparent grow operation. He said it was put in about eight months ago, after the previous property owner passed away.

“Draws the wrong kind of people and eventually when it’s mature, they’re going to be here trying to get it,” Grable said.

But Grable says he never complained to police about the plants or the people growing them. He assumed marijuana cultivation was allowed after Californians voted on the issue last year.

“I would say it’s legal, everyone’s blind if they don’t see it, the houses are big.”

But there are different rules in different jurisdictions and that’s why right now, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department says they don’t know if these plants are legal or not. Their marijuana eradication team is aware of the operation, but they have to wait until Calfire is finished mopping up the scene before they can begin their investigation.


  1. Jimmy Perry says:

    Worry about your own backyard.

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