LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — An Uber driver said it was the “most prettiest, ugliest, beautiful” thing he has ever seen when he witnessed a baby come into the world in the backseat of his car last Friday.

On July 14 around 8:30 p.m., Erica Davidovich, who was about to give birth, called an Uber driver to Valley Village to pick her and her husband up and drive them to a Sherman Oaks hospital.

On the way there, she said her water broke and went into labor.

The Uber driver, Raymond Telles, pulled over and called 911. With his help, a dispatcher coached the father on how to deliver his baby.

Niv Davidovich said it was quick and easy. “It was a nice, easy, quick mostly, delivery. And then, an hour later, that’s what we were doing,” he recalled.

His wife said her doctor told her to labor at home as long as possible. “I was worried to come in and get sent home. So listened to her. I labored at home. But two hours later, I had a baby,” Mrs. Davidovich said.

“It’s just Uber. You expect to take someone from point A to point B. It was the most prettiest, ugliest, beautiful. It was a mixture,” Telles recalled. I know I will never be in a situation like that again.”


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