EL SEGUNDO (CBSLA.com) — El Segundo Police say his name is Richard Hernandez and detectives believe he’s a serial office creeper and burglar.

Detectives say over the past several months, Hernandez has been stealing wallets and cell phones, looking for loot in parked cars.

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“Maybe I’ll be more cautious for him now that I know what he looks like,” says gym member Justin Malek.

Malek and other members of the Bay Club are now on alert. That’s because police say Hernandez has been caught on camera inside the gym, where he stole an iPhone and wallet from two unlocked offices. Members are taking precautions.

“Usually if I have a bag or something, I’ll take it out and put in my trunk just to make sure nothing valuable is visible in my car,” says gym member Maria Peres.

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Police say Hernandez also stole from employees at Globe Industries. He said he was there for an interview, then asked to use the restroom. He then wandered around and began looking for valuables.

Detectives say Hernandez is using the stolen credit cards at several stores. Police tell CBS2 News he’s not only wanted in El Segundo, but also in other South Bay cities.

In Torrance, police say he stole from unlocked cars and wallets from employees at a car dealership.

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Anyone with information about Hernandez’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 310-524-2200.