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The final question that people with any medical condition, including those with fibromyalgia, will often ask is “How do I treat it?”

Read about the first and second questions.


For people who have fibromyalgia, the answer to this question is perhaps the most distressing. Current treatment options for fibromyalgia are limited, offer only indirect and symptom-limited approaches, and primarily include anticonvulsants, opioids and antidepressants that help only some patients manage the disorder’s symptoms. These options do not treat the cause. Further, several of these treatments carry “Black Box Warnings” regarding their potentially dangerous side effects.


EpicGenetics is seeking to change this.


As part of Campaign 250, Bruce Gillis, M.D., CEO of EpicGenetics, has made a research gift to the Immunobiology Laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital to continue its robust clinical research regarding a direct treatment for fibromyalgia.


As part of the recent study efforts announced by EpicGenetics, Dr. Faustman, Director of the Immunobiology Laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital and a noted immunologist at the Harvard Medical School, is initiating plans for a clinical trial at the Massachusetts General Hospital to test the potential of the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine to reverse the biology of fibromyalgia.


According to Dr. Faustman, “The Massachusetts General Hospital is announcing a new research effort for the application of the BCG vaccine, which will be directed at changing the biology of fibromyalgia as it concerns the foundational immune system discovery of the role particular cytokines have in fibromyalgia.”


The reason this vaccine has been selected is due largely to recent medical research findings that point to the viability and promise of the BCG vaccine to actually change the biology of fibromyalgia. In the quest for the first direct therapy for this debilitating disease, patients who test positive for fibromyalgia with the FM/a® Test will be invited to participate in this potentially groundbreaking clinical trial once the study protocols have received the required institutional and regulatory approvals.


The FM/a® Test will consequently not only serve to objectively confirm the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but also act as the gateway for fibromyalgia patients through these newly announced research efforts to participate in genetic studies to further define their disease and a vaccine trial that will seek to reverse the biology of their fibromyalgia.


More information, including how people can become involved in this study and future clinical trial, can be found at

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  3. I am Allen Swift i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have from moderate to severe pain in most parts of my body, been tested for a lot of things and all came back ok. I have had a lot of stomach pain, there was a day i received a message from my old time friend who has been away for many years he told me he heard about my illness and he directed me to Standard Herbs Home and i contacted them and purchased their herbal medicine and followed the instructions after 4 weeks i was cure from fibromyalgia. Thanks to STANDARD HERBS HOME.

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