LOS ANGELES (AP) — An older woman shown dancing on the videoboard between innings at Dodger Stadium proceeded to flash the crowd.

Fans cheered her daring dance moves and perhaps emboldened by their cheers, the smiling woman quickly lifted her blue shirt, revealing a white bra underneath in the seventh inning on Saturday night of the Dodgers’ 5-4 win over Kansas City.

The camera quickly cut away, but it wasn’t in time. There was a collective gasp from the crowd of 45,225, many of whom began laughing.

The crew working the stadium video room, where the camera shots are handled, broke out in laughter.

The white-haired woman wearing a Dodgers visor had been shown on the videoboard earlier in the game.


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  1. “Elderly woman flashes . . . ” — was her name MADONNA?

    1. a6intruderdriver says:

      we’d need a replay to see the gap teeth and saggin…er, nevermind

  2. Ra Williams says:

    Sheesh, she had a bra on! Why blur that out?

  3. Tony Tads says:

    what the big deal? in S.F. you can ride naked in a parade nothing to see here.

    1. Not only that Tony but if you attend A’s games over in Oakland you can frequently see them sun bathing nude in the outfield bleachers. At least this woman was clothed and having fun.

  4. Jack Inmanz says:

    Pics or it didn’t… never mind.

  5. a6intruderdriver says:

    (sung to the tune of “A bicycle built for two”)

    Oh the hot dogs were flyin’
    and babies were crying
    when grandma lifted her dress…
    The vomit was streaming
    and old men were screaming
    as the floppin teats caused a mess
    The players were sickened
    as the bile it thickened
    and they all began to heave
    But granny was smilin
    as her udders were flyin
    “They’re OUT!” it was time to leave….

  6. Figures it was a Dodger’s fan. #SFGiants!

  7. Bread and circuses for all!

  8. is she a member of SAG?

  9. tngilmer says:

    What do you expect in California, class?

    1. Nothing more or nothing less than I would expect from any pro sports stadium any where else in America. Stupidity and behaving stupidly seems to be an American pastime today.

  10. Herb Rapoza says:

    First she danced on one leg, then she danced on the other. Between the two, she made her living.

    1. Peter York says:

      that’s a great old line. it begins: ‘She was a dancer. First, she…’

  11. Jesse Magee says:

    This may have been news in 1860. Now? Not so much.

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  13. Peter York says:

    ha ha ha.

    oh, by the way, Dodgers, since you give us less TV than we enjoyed in the 60’s (every away Sunday game and every game from Candlestick), you can go to hell hell hell.

    go ANGELS!

  14. jasonn13 says:

    Who can afford to drink that much beer at Dodger Stadium?

  15. Steve Bourg says:

    Thx CBS ! What would ppl do without your irrelevant schtick/news and your fake news ?

  16. Oh big deal, a bra, it’s like a bathing suit for a second.
    Girls show much more today at award shows and in music videos and they think it’s cool and fashionable not to wear underwear (I don’t).

  17. Vox Veritas says:

    Was it Ariana Grande?

    No, it’s Areola Granny.

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