GLENDALE ( — Aram Kazazian’s passion for horsepower is obvious when you look inside his garage. He started buying and restoring classic cars in 1968.

“I like the muscle cars, all U.S. cars,” Kazazian said. “Chevelle became my favorite.”

But now there’s one missing from Aram’s collection: his 1970 golden Chevy Chevelle.

“You open it up inside, everything is painted gold,” he said.

Kazazian was working on the Chevelle in late June outside his office building in Glendale, getting it ready for a car show the next day. When he came back, it was gone from the underground parking garage.

“That felt like somebody took something out of my life,” he said. “I restored it from frame up completely. I spend about three years on it.”

Kazazian believes someone who knows a lot about classic cars saw him working on it, came back and stole it that night. Since his Chevelle had a security system, he thinks the thief towed it away.

“They should be really ashamed of what they did to steal something like that,” he said.

He estimates the Chevelle is worth about $110,000. And while the car may be worth a lot financially, he finds more value in his collection when he takes them to car shows.

“I saw the people enjoying them, when they enjoy it, I enjoy it, too,” Kazazian said. “Anybody has any hint they can give me to locate the car, I’d very
much appreciate it.”

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Glendale police. Kazazian is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the car.


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