SANTA CLARITA ( — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department wants to send a clear message: Guns are not toys and should never be used as such.

The warning was put out in response to an alleged prank involving juveniles with loaded weapons.

Saturday afternoon, a resident of Canyon Country called the police after seeing two young people in a car with what looked like a rifle.

The juveniles were taken into custody. The Sheriff’s Department said the youngsters told them the three loaded weapons were part of the alleged prank.

“I suppose it’s possible that’s a prank. One heck of a sick, dangerous prank,” said Canyon Country resident Linda Dann.

She said someone could have gotten hurt if one of the guns had gone off accidentally, or if there had been a confrontation in the street.

“It makes me angry, not scared,” said Dann.

The Sheriff’s Department said that the guns belonged to the father of one of the suspects. They said charges are pending against the juveniles.




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