PASADENA ( — A Georgia man caught urinating at a Metro Gold Line station in Pasadena Wednesday was carrying a cache of weapons, including a loaded AR-15-type rifle, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Christopher Goodine, 28, was relieving himself into a planter at the Sierra Madre Villa station when patrolling deputies confronted him, they said.

Besides the rifle, he had a handgun, a machete, a rope, a notebook with odd writing in it, a silencer and two loaded high-capacity magazines and additional rounds of ammunition inside a duffel bag.

Deputies displayed those items during a news conference.

“I think honestly the first thing I felt was relief because we got to this stuff first,” transit Deputy Katherine Zubo said.

“Everyday we unite with all our partners and our sergeants. We talk about getting this guy everyday…you can see we got one today,” said Deputy Juan Gonzalez-Valencia.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell said it was unclear what Goodine was going to do with the weapons, but there was no indication he could be linked to terrorism.

“We have somebody who was walking around with this type of weaponry, this much ammunition – the outcome would not have been good no matter what he was going to do,” McDonnell said. “For the grace of god, we could have had a tragedy here today in Los Angeles.”

Goodine was cooperative but lied to deputies about his name, and the guns an ammo may have come from a supplier in Georgia, investigators said.

Goodine was being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

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  1. Hollow Point bullets are NOT against the law.

  2. CBS and California you’re a laughing stock. Not only are hollow points completely legal, but it’s funny how draconian your laws are when you consider one state over in Arizona the law enforcement there would have merely ticketed this fellow for urinating in public and and sent him on his way. Nothing in his duffel-bag would have been considered illegal in Arizona. The magazines would be “standard” capacity as there is no such thing as “high-capacity” magazines when they come standard with the rifle. There is no limit to the length of knives carried concealed in Arizona and even the silencers are legal as long as he could show a tax stamp for them.

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